Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7 May 2019 Written Update – Why Happy Feels Guilty?

Written Update: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rocky saying I will attempt to organize a telephone, look there, there is a carport. Kulwant says Happy thoroughly takes care of us. Madhu says she is doing this by her will, she grabbed both my children, let her take a hike. Biji concurs. Sandhya says I simply wish Happy returns home. Smiley requests that her call RV. Sandhya gets RV’s number off. Rough and Happy whole the carport. He checks the landline and requests that her call home. Glad calls Sandhya. Sandhya asks where are you, we are in strain. Glad says I m fine, I have come to Chandigarh for pressing work, there is a tempest here, I remained in a lodging, I will get back home tomorrow.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7 May 2019

Rough calls Babbi and tells about Ranveer and his goons. He requests that he shield the family from Ranveer. Babbi concurs and requests that the watchmen remain outside the house. Smiley turns and doesn’t see protects. Ranveer gazes at her. Cheerful feels regretful seeing Rocky and cries. He says I will organize water for you. She embraces him and cries. She is sorry to him. They cry. She requests his absolution. He says it’s late, we will rest now, we need to return home in the first part of the day. She cries and sees Rocky dismissing. Upbeat reviews his words. She says I wish I could plan something for taking your agony. He supposes I passed on consistently, none can restore my past time. She supposes we can improve coming time, excuse me Rocky, we ought to wind up like previously.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7 May 2019

Its morning, Rocky sees Happy dozing. He hinders the daylight. She holds his hand and dozes. She awakens and sees him. They have a minute. Humdum unimportant. Telephone rings. Babbi asks are you fine. Rough says truly, how is everybody at home. Babbi says all fine here. Rough says we will attempt and come soon. Rough and Happy are en route. He says Ranveer and his goons are as yet discovering us, we must be spared. She says I need to advise your fact to family, at that point everything will get fine. He says things deteriorated when I made a decent attempt, my life got destroyed. She says we can’t think about the amount you endured, change is the main thing steady throughout everyday life, there is no reason to worry, don’t lose trust. She supposes everybody duped you, I won’t let anything incorrectly occur with you, I guarantee. Madhu deals with Guggi. Guggi says sorry Smiley, I can’t accompany you, I have a cold. Smiley says its test today, I need to go.

Sandhya says I will accompany you. Smiley says it’s alright. Upbeat and Rocky get back home and meet Babbi. She says I will reveal to them reality first. Babbi says Happy, welcome back in our group. Rough requests that he secure the house. Cheerful returns home. Everybody asks where was she. She says I need to tell something pixie. Smiley goes. Upbeat says I have to talk. Smiley says I m getting late for my test. Upbeat prevents her from going. Babbi says we need to offer articulation to police. Rough says how we have no verification, imagine a scenario where RV changes the issue. Babbi says no, we need to change explanation, we can be sheltered. Upbeat says I m saying this for your security. Smiley gets irate. Glad says whatever occurred with Smiley, Rocky wasn’t engaged with it, Rocky is honest. They all get stunned. Smiley says enough, how much will you lie, I simply abhor you.

Babbi says the family will realize you aren’t a criminal. Smiley leaves the house. Rough asks what is she doing here alone. Glad requests that Smiley stop. Madhu says you said Rocky is blameless. Kulwant asks who is the guilty party. Glad says I will let you know everything, I need to spare Smiley, her life is in threat. Smiley sees Rocky and flees. Babbi asks Rocky not to pursue her. Glad pursues Smiley. Ranveer brings his vehicle and opens the entryway. He pulls Smiley’s hand. Cheerful looks on. Rough says Ranveer. Rough rushes to spare Smiley. Glad pulls Smiley towards her and asks Ranveer to abandon her. Cheerful tumbles down. Rough pursues the vehicle. He breaks the vehicle window and gets Ranveer’s neck. Smiley tumbles down. Ranveer escapes. Rough stops a biker and takes his bicycle. He follows Ranveer. Everybody comes there. Cheerful asks Babbi to get the vehicle.

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