Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 May 2019 Written Update – Ops Happy Gets Arrested

Written Update: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Simmi saying Happy is fine, don’t stress, give her time, when father gets fine, we will remain together. Rough gets dismal. Grover says I can support you. Glad says it is extremely unlikely left now, I have chosen it, I don’t need more individuals to lose lives as a result of me, I can’t endure it more. She cries. Grover reassures her. Upbeat gets back home and says I need to do pressing, I m leaving for abroad, I found a decent line of work there, when I settle well, I will call you and Smiley.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 May 2019

Sandhya says everything is here, your work, inn, Rocky… he will be crushed in the event that you go this way. Glad says I don’t need anybody to know where I m. Sandhya says please Happy. Cheerful says you need to end up solid, don’t utter a word to anybody, it would be ideal if you help me. Rough is with the family at the clinic. Specialist comes. Everybody asks is Kulwant fine. Glad packs her garments. She sees Kulwant’s pic and cries. She says sorry, I ought to have been with you, I need to go, I will appeal to God for you, if it’s not too much trouble get fine soon. Specialist says Kulwant has slipped in extreme lethargies.

Everybody gets stunned. Madhu requests that Rocky tell the specialist, that Kulwant can’t go in a trance like state. Rough embraces her. The specialist says possibly Kulwant gets fine with time, we will attempt our best. RV gets some information about Grover. The chief says he is going to Hong Kong, he has booked tickets for himself and Happy. RV asks is Happy going too. He calls Happy and approaches will we go for lunch. She says I m occupied, I will meet you later. RV says she deceived me, for what reason are they fleeing, did they gain proficiency with my fact. Rough consoles Madhu.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 May 2019

Glad embraces Rocky’s pic and says sorry, I m leaving you and going this way. Rough proceeds to cry. He says by what means will I educate Happy regarding father, she will break knowing this. Grover says I will be there with Happy. Sandhya requests that she stay back. Glad says its pixie that I leave so everybody lives joyfully here. Police land there with the capture warrant against Happy. Examiner says Happy is charged to incite Anaya for suicide. They get stunned. Cheerful is captured. Rough inquires as to whether Kulwant reacted. The specialist says it will require investment.

Sandhya calls Rocky. Madhu answers the call. Sandhya says Happy is captured, make me converse with Rocky. Madhu says Kulwant is in the trance-like state due to Happy, do you think about it, its great police got Happy, she demolished numerous lives, she ought to get rebuffed, get lost, don’t endeavor to call us, Rocky lacks the capacity to deal with you. She closes the call. Rough comes and says we can meet Kulwant, I will make a call and come. Madhu says your father needs you, proceed to sit with him, don’t call Happy.

Grover says Happy didn’t do anything, she is encircled. Examiner says don’t do this, else I will make a move against you, you can go to court, RV and Anaya separated due to Happy, Happy was fleeing today, you do your work and let me do my work. Glad says I didn’t do anything. Grover says don’t stress, I will accomplish something. Rough calls Happy and Sandhya. He says they aren’t replying, something isn’t right. Madhu says I will return home and make nourishment, you remain here with Biji. Rough requests that Smiley make him converse with Happy and call him. He says where are you Happy.

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