Dadi Amma Maan Jao 4 February 2020 Written Update – Aaji has laddus, Shraddha has laddus

Written Update: Dadi Amma Maan Jao 4 February 2020 Written Update on

Everybody alongside Shlok gets Ajooba home, Ajooba asks whose house is this, Shlok says it’s my home, your cherished companion Chabbos house. Ajooba asks when will Chabbo come, Shlok says very soon. Shlok focuses at Vikas and asks Ajooba do you know him, Ajooba says I have seen him someplace, Ajooba takes a gander at Aaji says what is this housekeeper doing here, request that her go work. Shradha says Aaji it’s alright I will nourish him. Ajooba sees military aircraft picture and looses quiet, nurture gives him infusion.

Aaji in sanctuary says to specialist says to remove your medical attendant with you, till this excellent woman is with you, he won’t recall that anything. Specialist grins and asks I have seen he loses quiet with regards to the airforce, Aaji asks Shradha to get the collection and offers with specialist Ajoobas airforce story says during a machine he harmed himself so awful that, he was always unable to fly an airplane. Aaji gets passionate, says he was approached to leave, and blamed for carelessness and he battled with his seniors and returned and we got no assistance from the government along these lines.

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 4 February 2020 Written Update

Specialist says Mr. Shloks meeting helped him recapture memory, any such memory, that occurred in past, identified with nation love or whatever, Sharddha recollects about Ajooba slapping Dhruv and goes to Dhruvs rec center and says I realize you are furious however I need assistance, Ajooba is dementia patient and I need you to portray those discourse once more, Dhruv recalls Ajooba slapping says I would prefer not to be slapped once more, and I’m working out don’t upset, Shraddha says so you won’t return home at that point, in the event that you don’t I will call police and let them know adjoin you spying.

Rekha pressing sweet box, Rekha says Prabhas this test if Anjali passes, she merits our family or else she isn’t. Dhruv strolls in Pradhan’s house and recollects everybody there slapping him, Dhruv chooses to leave, Shraddha says alright I will call the police, Dhruv says alright.

Rekha says take these two Anjali’s house Prabhas and I will oversee further, I realize how to test Gold. Dhruv strolls to Ajooba and portrays his dialogues, Ajooba gets off his bed and taps Dhruv. The specialist asks Dhruv to make visit visits, Shraddha says he will. Prabhas strolls in says, Shloks mother sent desserts for all of you, Shlok gets a call from Rekha and she says I’m glad to perceive what you are doing, I have sent a few desserts, do offer it to all.

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