Daayan 9 June 2019 Written Update – Prachi cries Reminiscing Veer

Written Update: Daayan 9 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

She supposes she ought not to uncover about catching daayan in mirror, else he will attempt to free his mom. He holds her hands and inquires as to why she acts peculiarly, some of the time comes close and at times goes far away. Jahnvi says she confided in him indiscriminately, however he sold out her and did not uncover that Asha is his mom. He says in the event that she has completed, she can leave.

Daayan 9 June 2019

She leaves saying she enriched his and Satrupa’s bed. Brijesh secures reflect pantry while Jahnvi returns and asks what’s going on. Brijesh says they caught daayan in the mirror, yet by what means will they conceal reflect. Jahnvi says let us consume this mirror and end daayan for once. Brijesh concurs. Jahnv I consumes flame and drops reflect in flame. Daayan yells Jahnvi is completing a mix-up.

Jahnvi sees reflect not consuming. Brijesh says this mirror can’t be broken so effectively. Jahnvi says they should accept mirror to the sanctuary as Daayan loses controls in the sanctuary. Daayan argues not to take her to sanctuary. Brijesh pours water ablaze and asks Jahnvi to take out mirror from flame soon. Aakarsh comes back to Satrupa and advises what Jahnvi told.

Daayan 9 June 2019

Satrupa requests to disregard her. She serves him alcohol and says she will serve his entire life and will be his eternity. He says even he will do the same. She hears Daayan’s voice that Jahnvi has caught her in mirror and is taking her to sanctuary to execute her, she should break mirror and spare her. Satrupa overlooks her. Daayan proceeds with that if Jahnvi succeeds, she will grab back Aakarsh from Satrupa. Satrupa pardons Aakarsh and exiting make defensive hindrance around entryway figuring no one can meet Aakarsh now.

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