Daayan 8 June 2019 Written Update – Aakarsh saved Jahnvi

Written Update: Daayan 8 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Aakarsh asks Jahnvi what had happened to her. Jahnvi says somebody endeavored to murder her from behind and it can’t be Satrupa as she doesn’t double-cross. Satrupa inquires as to whether she supposes she is so powerless to double-cross. Aakarsh says Satrupa is correct. Jahnvi asks how might he trust Satrupa in such a limited ability to focus. Aakrsh utilizes his superpowers and discovers that a human has endeavored to execute Jahnvi and scents guilty party behind window ornament.

Satrupa supposes it must be idiotic Chandrika. Aakarsh does not discover anybody behind the blind and seeing Jahnvi’s blood there says the guilty party is someplace around and hauls Chandrika out. Chandrika says she isn’t an offender. Jahnvi says she had held offender’s hand and can distinguish guilty party. She holds Chandrika’s hand and says she is the one. Aakarsh says yet this isn’t guilty party’s smell. Aakarsh and Jahnvi leave figuring how might it occur.

Daayan 8 June 2019

Satrupa chides Chandrika to be cautious and not commit any senseless errors again and says she changed her smell on schedule, else she would have been gotten. She at that point strolls into Aakarsh’s room and with her passionate dramatization mentally programs him against Jahnvi that Jahnvi with her dark supernatural forces controlled Aakarsh for a long time and Satrupa endeavored to get him out of the dark otherworldly spell and afterward wed him.

Veer meets Jahnvi and saying ‘sorry’ he says he can’t break their deep-rooted companionship. Jahnvi requests that he come back to Prachi as he got his genuine romance after such a significant number of long stretches of battle. Veer says he needs to support her. Jahnvi educates about a mystery way to Daayan look. Veer says she can simply pursue Aakarsh or Satrupa and reach there. Jahnvi says it isn’t that simple and they should discover entryway by means of an uncommon mirror like a gadget.

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