Daayan 7 April 2019 Written Update – Rimpi gets under daayan’s

Written Update: Daayan 7 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Jahnvi performs tantra pooja according to Brijesh chacha’s recommendation. A plume rises, and Jahnvi says she can smell Rimpi. She with Chacha and Veer pursues quill which drives them to wilderness where Daayan has hostaged Rimpi. Veer says there is nobody here. Jahnvi indicates pooja things and says Rimpi must be someplace here. They look Rimpi and hear her voice adjacent, reach there and see Daayan performing dark enchantment/tantra vidhi on Rimpi. Prithvi and Vishakha guarding Rimpi assault them and they counterattack. Aakarsh daayan taking cover behind stone supposes he needs to stop Jahnvi and turning out masked as Chandrika assaults them with dark enchantment and binds them to trees.

Jahnvi says she can’t be Chandrika, whos she. Aakarsh holes up behind stone once more. Rimpi gets under daayan’s finished control and Daayan remembers ruler. Ruler with his furthest points tied awakens and asks daayan for what good reason did she remember him. Daayan says her 500 years of diligent work bore fruit today and asks where is Divyani mani/precious stone. Raja says she will abuse it to control the entire world, so he has concealed it someplace and no one can get it without his consent. Daayan demands and assaults ruler. Ruler bears torment. Jahnvi says lord has superpowers, so daayan has tied his furthest points. She asks Veer and Chacha to attempt and free themselves.

The succeed and free ruler. Ruler assaults daayan and makes defensive spread around Jahnvi, Chacha, and Veer. He cautions daayan that she can’t hurt them now and requests that they flee from that point. Veer and Chacha run. Jahnvi takes Rimpi with her. Rimpi under Daayan’s control assaults Veer. Ruler endeavors to rebuff her, however Jahnvi stops him saying she is a child. Ruler quiets down Rimpi with his superpowers.

Ruler asks Jahnvi and group to shroud some place as he can’t control daayan for long. Jahnvi says thanks to him for sparing them and apologizes for endeavoring to consume his dead body previously. Lord says it would have been great in the event that she had consumed his dead body as his life can bring huge inconvenience it the world. He into a flashback where he goes for chasing and sees a wonderful in the wilderness, he weds her and conveys her to the royal residence. She requests that he bring divyani mani from a cavern, which is exceptionally amazing and with its ownership, it’s not possible for anyone to crush him and his military.

He goes looking for mani and after a great deal of battle and battle with malice powers gets mani. When he escapes cavern, his significant other takes cash and behind him begins dark enchantment to pick up control on the entire world. He discovers her actual adage acknowledging she is daayan, takes mani and concealing it endeavors to slaughter her. She transforms into daayan and tormenting him requests to return mani. He says he would prefer to pass on than giving her a chance to satisfy her proverb. She slaughters him and before he passes on argues where mani is. He bites the dust without illuminating.

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