Daayan 6 July 2019 Written Update – Aakarsh Alleges Satrupa for kidnapping Prachi

Written Update: Daayan 6 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Prachi thinks why she is making trouble with Veer over and over, what is befalling her. Daayan develops and says she has entranced Prachi as Veer is supporting Jahnvi and she is delivering retribution from Veer by means of Prachi. Prachi argues to save her and says she broke her concurrence with Aakarsh jiju, so she will proceed to illuminate him.

Daayan stops her and says until she is there, Prachi won’t wed Veer. Jahnvi and Vishakha thump entryway. Daayan mesmerizes Prachi again and vanishes. Prachi opens entryway and getting them in demonstrates her delightful wedding dress, gets some information about her adornments. Jahnvi says Aakarsh has gone out to get her extraordinary adornments and takes Prachi with her. Daayan snickers saying now the genuine show will begin. Satrupa attempts to free her 6 shapes by perusing tantra papers and succeeds.

Daayan 6 July 2019 Written Update

Jahnvi and Vishakha get Prachi prepared and propose her not to battle with Veer and appreciate sentiment before wedding. Vishakha says Jahnvi is correct. Daayan comes there, and Prachi gets apprehensive seeing her. Jahnvi exits and sees dark dressed Satrupa strolling with Harsh, thinks Aaakrsh said just blue dressed Satrupa is free, what’s going on here. Satrupa supposes she knew Jahnvi would pursue her. Unforgiving asks Satrupa where is she taking her. She says to demonstrate enchantment.

Jahnvi pursues Satrupa and sees Aakarsh’s supernatural gadget there. Satrupa strolls from behind and says she h as liberated her 6 structures and now she will send Jahnvi inside by means of this gadget. She does enchantment on Jahnvi. Jahnvi is gotten a handle on towards gadget and holding column argues to stop. Aakarsh surges in and spares her on schedule. Jahnvi says Satrupa is attempting to send her into gadget. Aakarsh waarns Satrupa that he had cautioned her last time, and still, at the end of the day she attempted to hurt Jahnvi.

Satrupa says she is his better half and until Jahnvi is alive, he won’t acknowledge her. Aakarsh says Jahnvi is his better half and not Satrupa and assaults Satrupa, however she vanishes. He attempts to pursue her, yet Jahnvi stops him and solicitations to be with him. He chastens for what reason did she come here and ruin his diligent work. She is sorry. Brijesh with Prithvi thumps entryway and inquires as to whether all is well. Aakarsh says yes and turns out with Jahnvi and says let us proceed to go to Veer and Prachi’s wedding.

Jahnvi prepares in an excellent sari. Aakarsh strolls in wearing sherwani. Jahnvi requests that he stick her pallu and baits him. He grins and says he can’t be irate on her for long. Aakarsh prepares in lucky man sherwani. Prithvi applauds him and ties lucky man’s pagdi on his head. Veer figures how to advise he wouldn’t like to wed as of now.

Prachi gets fit of anxiety and tumbles down holding her head. She composes Daayan on floor and after that returns to ordinary. Jahnvi and Vishakha strolls in to take her to mantap when Jahnvi watches daayan composed on floor and thinking Daayan more likely than not planned something for Prachi illuminates Aakarsh that his mom broke understanding and has entranced Prachi, asks Aakarsh to check. Aakarsh checks and says Prachi is fine and maa has not mesmerized her. Jahnvi leaves figuring by what method would this be able to occur.

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