Daayan 6 April 2019 Written Update – Aakarsh is Calling Her

Written Update: Daayan 6 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Everybody is diverted seeing Mainka’s room failed. Nandini says Aakarsh advised he needs to invest some energy in his mom’s room, on the off chance that he did this. Aakarsh develops outside room and strolls in asking what’s going on here. Asha says somebody wrecked aunt’s room. Nandini says we have to discover who has done this. Aakarsh says let us talk about it later, first, he will send housekeepers to clean this chaos. They all exit. Chandrika says imagine a scenario in which there is truly daayan here observing all the ongoing episodes. Viraaj ponders concealed riches and get away from here with Jahnvi soon. Aakarsh thinks Jahnvi and Veer are missing, where they would have gone.

Dipank cries stressed for Dimpi. Aakarsh guarantees him to discover Rimpi and everybody begin seeking Rimpi in entire lodging. Veer demonstrates Mainka’s destroyed space to Jahnvi and says Aakarsh has done this as he had tied holi string with rudraksha outside room and Aakarsh broke it onto pieces, he is certain Aakarsh is associated with daayan. House cleaner advises Jahnvi that Aakarsh is calling her. Aakarsh checks somebody’s wedding game plans in the inn and sits tight for Jahnvi in lobby. He supposes he adores Jahnvi a great deal. Jahnvi comes to there. They both envision romancing one another. Out of creative ability, Jahnvi asks Aakarsh for what valid reason he needed to meet her.

He says subsequent to hearing her, he likewise accepts there is daayan in this haveli who probably seized Rimpi. Jahnvi says she doesn’t confide in him any longer. He demands endeavoring to know where she has shrouded lord’s dead body, however she doesn’t. Blossoms fall on them. They get into sentimental creative energy once more. Servant comes and apologizes for dropping blooms on them. Jahnvi leaves. Aakarsh supposes he wouldn’t like to slaughter her and she ought to uncover where she has continued lord’s dead body, else daayan maa will murder Rimpi.

Daayan inconveniences Rimpi and requests to tell where ruler’s dead body is, she is saving her till now which is as it should be. Rimpi says she won’t and her Jahnvi maasi will come and spare her. Aakarsh comes to there as daayan and says he couldn’t persuade Jahnvi. Daayan yells he goes powerless before Jahnvi and comes up short every time. Aakarsh solicitations to give him one progressively possibility, he willl discover where ruler’s dead body is. He meets Prithvi and Vishaka and inquires as to whether they discovered where ruler’s dead body is.

Pritvhi says they proved unable. Aakarsh yells in resentment. Veer and Chachaji go to the sanctuary to discover Rimpi’s sign and keeping in mind that Chachaji does pooja, Veer discovers Rimpi’s telephone and watches Chandrika and Nandini’s admission video in it. On the opposite side, Dipank keeps crying unfit to discover Rimpi. Jahnvi goes there and educates that Rimpi is with daayan. Dipank alarms hearing that. Jahnvi educates that Daayaan needs the lord’s dead body which she has concealed someplace, so she abducted Rimpi; she needs their assistance to pulverize ruler’s body. Narendra yells he doesn’t trust in this and Kundini can make tracks in an opposite direction from here.

Dipank consents to help, yet Narendra gets resolute. Viraaaj comes there and hauls Jahnvi with her. He secures her room, packs sacks and powerfully hauls Jahnvi from the inn. Veer and Chachaji achieve family and seeing Narendra smoldering over Kundini indicates Rimpis recorded video and illuminates Kundini is Jahnvi really. Narendra feels regretful for not distinguishing his little girl. They all hurry to Jahnvi’s room and not discovering her there asks in gathering. Assistant says Viraaj and Kindini looked at a little while ago. They surge out and halting Viraaj educate that Kundini is Jahnvi appearing and Nandini’s admission video. Viraaj yells he doesn’t accept and attempts to drag Jahnvi with him. Narendra endeavors to stop him and he pushes Narendra. Jahnvi slaps Viraaj and cautions to carry on with her dad. Viraaj leaves cautioning that he will return.

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