Daayan 5 May 2019 Written Update – Aakarsh Becomes Daayan

Written Update: Daayan 5 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Satrupa takes Jahnvi and Veer close to a lake and says Adityavanshi sanctuary was someplace here and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how this lake came. Veer says Satrupa is deceiving and squandering their time. Jahnvi requests that he quiet down. Satrupa says the sanctuary is submerged. Veer inquires as to whether they will go submerged, he knows to swim yet in what manner will he pick mani from water. Satrupa says she will get mandir out and with her dark enchantment sanctuary rises up, she inquires as to whether they won’t enter sanctuary now.

Daayan is stunned to see this and thinks what sort of enchantment is this. In lodging, Aakarsh gets some information about her. Family says they don’t have the foggiest idea where she is. Aakarsh progresses toward becoming daayan and strangulating Brijesh demands to tell where Jahnvi is. He uncovers that Jahnvi with Veer went to the wilderness with Satrupa to get mani. Aakarsh inquires which wilderness and vanishes. Taiji cries why Aakarsh is behind Jahnvi. Kalnemi thinks Satrupa has uncommon superpowers, so she could get sanctuary out of lake.

Satrupa gets Jahnvi and Veer inside sanctuary. Jahnvi asks where is mani. Satrupa says devyani mani is in Shivji’s third eye. Veer strolls ahead and attempts to pick mani, however gets extreme stun. Jahnvi inquires as to whether he is okay. He says yes. Satrupa says mani can be picked just by an individual whom Mahadev has picked. Veer asks Jahnvi not to go close mani. Janvi strolls to manni and picks it. Satrupa thinks Mahadev has picked Jahnvi.

Jahnvi leaves sanctuary in the wake of getting mani. Daayan ties Satrupa with her dark enchantment and asks Jahnvi to give her mani. Jahnvi denies. Kalnemi cautions Jahnvi next and assaults her with sword when Aakarsh enters and saving Jahnvi cautions him to avoid Jahnvi. Kalnemi says he isn’t apprehensive about Aakarsh. Aakarsh cautions him that he will execute Kalnemi. Daayan inquires as to whether he will execute his relative for a human Jahnvi. Aakarsh slaughters Kalnemi. Daayan goes up against him and says she won’t extra him regardless of whether he is her child. She assaults him over and again and he tumbles down harmed. Satrupa liberates herself and salvages Aakarsh from that point.

Jahnvi gets stressed for Aakarsh and inquires as to whether he is fine. Satrupa requests that her leave Aakarsh and go as guaranteed. Aakarsh gets some information about. Satrupa uncovers that Jahnvi sold him to her for nagmani. Aakarsh feels broke hearing that. After at some point, Jahnvi strolls to Aakarsh. Aakarsh aasks how might she deceive him. She says when she saw him deceiving her through hallucination and lying, she got furious and consented to Satrupa’s terms, she is liable now for her choice and argues to excuse her.

Aakarsh quiets down. Satrupa strolls rises and cautions Jahnvi for what reason is she floating around Aakarsh and broke her guarantee. Jahnvi argues that she and Aakarsh can’t avoid one another. Satrupa says she can’t break her guarantee, however Jahnvi keeps arguing. Satrupa vanishes. Jahnvi comes back to royal residence and demonstrating mani tells the family that Daayan can’t hurt them now. Family says that implies they can leave this inn. Aakarsh strolls in. Brutal asks Jahnvi to execute him through mani for murdering Jananta. Jahnvi says Daayan killed Jananta and not Aakarsh, in actuality Aakarsh helped her get this mani and spared her by battling with his family and notwithstanding killing his uncle/maama Kalnemi, he has ensured her multiple occasions.

The family gets resolved to murder Aakarsh and leave there with them. Jahnvi says she can’t leave Aakarsh. Family says they will leave at that point. On the opposite side, Chandrika packs her and Nandini’s sacks. Nandini says she won’t leave Aakarsh for Jahnvi and he will love her one day like he is cherishing Jahnvi. Chandrika says Aakarsh is daayan and she can’t remain here. Jahnvi’s family endeavor to leave with their packs and ask Jahnvi again to go with them. Jahnvi says she can’t leave Aakarsh and even they should remain with her and begins her enthusiastic discourse with every relative.

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