Daayan 4 May 2019 Written Update – Jahnvi Shouts his Mother

Written Update: Daayan 4 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Jahnvi drives vehicle towards wilderness trust Veer isn’t right and Aakarsh is correct. In inn, Aakarsh asks Vishakha where is Jahnvi. Vishakha says she should be some place around. Aakarsh then asks Asha who says she was in kitchen at some point back. Jahnvi achieves the spot where Aakarsh took her and inquiries a cabin where Aakarsh acquainted his mom with her, yet does not discover one. Aakarsh likewise achieves wilderness and seeing Jahnvi’s vehicle acknowledges she has just come here.

Jahnvi questions a bystander man about graveyard and old cottage. Man says he is remaining here since years and there is no cemetery or cabin here. Aakarsh strolls to Jahnvi and asks what is he doing here. She says his mom and cabin all were lies. Aakarsh says she went to the wrong spot and making a dream takes her to bural ground and cottage with his mom in. Satrupa supposes he went ahead perfect time and made the dream. She breaks hallucination. Jahnvi is flabbergasted to see cottage and graveyard vanishing and asks what is this.

Aakarsh admits that he misled her as he wouldn’t like to leave from her. Jahnvi leaves saying she wouldn’t like to trust a liar. Satrupa grins supposing she gets anything she desires. Jahnvi comes back to royal residence and cries in her room. She calls Satrupa and says she needs wellbeing of her family, so Satrupa can take Aakarsh and give her cash. Satrupa requests to reconsider. Jahnvi says she has thought well. Satrupa says she will take her to mani tomorrow. Aarkarsh figures who more likely than not broken his figment and why.

A man strolls outside Aakarsh’s inn and faculties somebody/detestable soul tailing him. He hastily gets into vehicle. Detestable soul drinks his blood and murders him. She uncovers herself as Satrupa who needs blood to keep herself youthful. Jahnvi cries in her dull room. Veer strolls to her and asks what occurred. Jahnvi says everything is done. Veer asks what occurred. Aakarsh in his room says he didn’t lie Jahnvi and cherishes him, yet she wouldn’t like to trust him. Jahnvi discloses to Veer that whatever he told about Aakarsh was correct, she went to wilderness and did not discover anybody, Aakarsh had crated figment and misled her.

Veer figures when did he disclose to her this, requests that her quiet down and says when truth is out, they should release it. Jahnvi says Aakarsh and his family did wrong to her and should bear discipline. She strolls to kitchen. Aakarsh supposes he needs to proceed to clarify her, yet for what reason will she trust him. Brijesh chachu brings gangajal on Jahnvi’s structure and says if fiendish power drinks it, it will obliterate. Jahnvi blends gangajal in juice and asks Asha to proceed to offer it to Aakarsh. Asha says she won’t go as bhaiya will murder her. Jahnvi demands and sends her. She strolls to Aakarsh’s room and giving him juice says bhabhi realizes he is furious on her, so she sent him juice.

Aakarsh faculties gangajal in juice and gets discouraged reasoning Jahnvi needs to murder her. He swallows squeeze in go. Asha asks what was in juice, on the off chance that he is fine. Aakarsh requests that her go. She strolls back to Jahnvi and asks what was in juice, Bhaiya swallowed it in one go. Jahnvi says nothing and sending her away frenzies figuring how might she slaughter Aakarsh, at that point supposes she did well. Aakarsh’s condition breaks down and he twirls in torment. Jahnvi keeps running towards him room crying how might she execute Aakarsh. Satrupa develops in Aakarsh’s room and seeing his condition restores him. Aakarsh pushes her away and asks how could she go into his room and for what valid reason did she resuscitate him, escape his room. She vanishes. He supposes who broke his figment, it must be maa or Kalnemi.

Jahnvi leaves lodging crying and feeling remorseful. She reveals to Veer that tomorrow Satrupa will give her mani tomorrow, so she needs to rest now. Kalnemi hears their discussion and educates Daayan. Aakarsh achieves Daayan’s lair and rebuffs Kalnemi inquiring as to for what reason did he broke his dream before Jahnvi. Daayan cautions to abandon her sibling and tossing lead towards Aakarsh says Daayan lok’s standards don’t allow them to assault from back. Aakarsh asks then who can have superpowers than her and Kalnemi. Around evening time, Veer strolls with Prachi and asks the end result for her union. Prachi says it didn’t occur. Veer approaches her to seek after the best and drops her to her room. Next morning, Jahnvi takes family’s gifts and says she is going out for significant work.

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