Daayan 30 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Aakarsh Captures Satrupa

Written Update: Daayan 30 June 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

He finds an elephant trunk-like gadget with which he can catch Satrupa and a paper with subtleties to disavow superpowers. Daayan does not see Aakarsh around and gets into a royal residence, she discovers Prachi and blacks enchantment on her mumbling she will grab Jahnvi’s entire family for grabbing her child Aakarsh. Prachi returns to her faculties and feels extreme migraine and supposes it is cerebral pain of being enamored.

Veer embraces her from behind. She pushes him and shouts that he is attacking her and wouldn’t he be able to hold up till the wedding. Veer says he will hold up till morrow in the event that she is awkward. She keeps shouting at him and leaves, leaving Veer puzzled. Aakarsh comes back to his room and does enchantment on gadget perusing directions written in the paper. He containers another precious stone like gadget with which he can assimilate Satrupa’s forces and send her back to her reality.

Daayan 30 June 2019

He discovers Satrupa who cautions to not invite her. He provokes her to battle and catches her. She says her other 6 structures won’t stay silent and will free her soon. He sucks her into the jewel-like gadget. Jahnvi looks Aakarsh. Aakash meets Brijesh and illuminates his arrangement regarding sending Satrupa back to her reality and requiring his assistance. Brijesh enthusiastically consents to support him. Aakarsh applauds him. Jahnvi strolls to them and gets some information about. They apprehensively change point and act.

Jahnvi takes Aakarsh to their room and after a long clarification inquires as to whether he doesn’t figure they ought to likewise have their very own child. Aakarsh stands flabbergasted hearing that and embracing her supposes he ought to send Satrupa back to her real soon, else in the event that she finds out about Jahnvi’s arrangement, she will attempt to remain back.

Daayan 30 June 2019

Veer meets Prachi and saying ‘sorry’ her says they can hold up till their wedding. Prachi says it is alright, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is befalling her, she is having extreme cerebral pain. Veer says it is basic prewedding anxiety. Daayan does her enchantment, and Prachi yells at Veer how could he is to contact her. A family strolls in hearing her yelling and asks what occurred.

Prachi says he came into her room as of now with an awful expectation. Veer says he came to apologize her. Jahnvi sends the family out and asks Prachi for what reason is she getting rowdy with Veer when she herself chose him. Prachi yells she needn’t bother with anybody’s recommendation and they can leave. Satrupa strolls in the hall thinking where Aakarsh more likely than not concealed her white structure. She faculties Aakarsh strolling behind her and vanishes.

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