Daayan 29 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Jahnvi Turns into Satrupa

Written Update: Daayan 29 June 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

Veer thinks at long last when everything is recovering, Harsh is making the issue. Prachi strolls to him and says Jahnvi has gone to quiet down and she is certain Jahnvi will. She offers dessert with him. Daayan watches them and supposes she can utilize Prachi to support her against Jahnvi and attempts to assault Prachi when Taiji enters and chiding Prachi removes her.

Veer keeps running behind them. Taiji grumbles family that Veer is attempting to misdirect Prachi and asks Prithvi to show him out. Brijesh requests that her quiet down. Prithvi says they all know regarding Prachi and Veer’s romantic tale. Taiji goes overboard. Jahnvi says the two of them cherish one another and will be cheerful together. Taiji says Veer does not have any activity, by what means will he feed Prachi.

Daayan 29 June 2019

Aakarsh says he has chosen to revive his inn and make Veer as administrator. Taiji says at that point they ought to get hitched soon, let us fix their marriage. Daayan watches this through dark enchantment and supposes she will wreck Jahnvi’s entire family during Prachi’s wedding. Satrupa incites Harsh to ask Daayan through tantra and persuade her to remember Jananta. Aakarsh faculties somebody asking his mom and strolls into Harsh’s room.

He stops Harsh and seeing Satrupa there attempts to rebuff her for inciting Harsh, yet she gets away. He at that point clarifies Harsh that once individuals are given out of the earth, they can’t be remembered. Unforgiving asks all standards are on, how might he remember his significant other. Aakarsh says Jahnvi’s fiery remains and soul were available, so he could remember Jahnvi. Unforgiving goes about as consenting to him. When he leaves, Satrupa returns and incites Harsh once more.

Daayan 29 June 2019

He says he will keep supplicating Daayan and inquires as to why she feared Aakarsh. Aakarsh thinks Satrupa is making inconvenience, so he needs to send her once again from this spot. Jahnvi strolls to Vishakha’s room and plays with Harsh’s little child Nishta, she commends Vishakha for taking great consideration of Nishtha. Vishaka says now that everything has returned to typical, for what reason don’t she and Aakarsh consider having a child.

Jahnvi feels timid. In the lounge room, the family chooses Veer and Prachi’s sumptuous wedding, however, the two of them demand a basic wedding. Jahnvi says they should regard their desires. Brijesh says then tomorrow has a decent muhurath for the wedding. Everybody salute one another and ask Brijesh to set up his uncommon halwa for all as a festival. Aakarsh comes to daayan lok’s library to get an extraordinary gadget to get Satrupa. Watchman stops him and after security check gives him access.

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