Daayan 28 April 2019 Written Update – Satrupa Hypnotizes Veer

Written Update: Daayan 28 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Daayan orders Kalnemi to seek entire royal residence and discover where Satrupa is, she needs mani at any expense. Satrupa develops before them and inquires as to whether they are looking through her. Daayan orders Kalnemi to get her. Satrupa says they can’t get her until all her 7 shapes meet up. Daayan says she can control each type of her one by one. Satrupa says she should go through her entire time on earth and old dayan may pass on by means of Jahnvi soon and lies that since Jahnvi spared her life, she educated her mani’s reality, considering if daayan kills Jahnvi, she can get Jahnvi’s affection Aakarsh. Daayan orders Kalnemi to torment Jahnvi and get mani from her even he needs to murder her. Aakarsh strolls in and cautions his mom to not hurt Jahnvi and her family and extra them. Kalnemi incites Daayan that her very own child is conflicting with

her. Daayan assaults Aakarsh and leaves with Kalnemi from that point. Veer salvages Prachi from wickedness soul and attempts to quiet her down. Prachi says that underhanded soul was going to kill her when Veer spared her on schedule. Veer requests that her proceed to rest now. Prachi says she realizes he adores Jahnvi and even after she is hitched, he is endeavoring to help, even she needs his companionship. Veer says why not send her away thinks fiendish soul was not daayan or Kalnemi or Satrupa, at that point who was it. Fiendish spirits is seen strolling behind Veer. Veer strolls to Jahnvi who says she needs to meet Satrupa again to discover where mani is.

Daayan 28 April 2019 Written Update

Satrupa develops there and says she stays faithful to her commitment and relieving Jahnvi’s shortcoming with her enchantment inquires as to whether she actually needs mani. Jahnvi says yes. Satrupa says she can reveal to her where mani is nevertheless needs something consequently. Jahnnvi asks what she can give, Satrupa asks everything. Satrupa says she needs Aakarsh. Jahnvi gets apprehensive and says she doesn’t have Aakarsh. Satrupa says Aakarsh cherishes her and she needs Jahnvi to offer Aakarsh to her.

Nandini serves supper to Jahnvi’s family seething that Aakarsh has made her a server. She drops nourishment indignantly. Narender requests that her abandon it, they will clean it. Nandini says OK and sits on feasting seat. Aakarsh strolls towards them. They all get up. Aakarsh requests that they sit as he was simply cruising by. Jahnvi enters and sits. Asha attempts to serve her and pushes her accidentally. Aakarsh holds Jahnvi and indignantly chides Asha charging her attempting to Jahnvi and says he knows whose request she is following.

Asha apologizes. Jahnvi stops Aakarsh. She comes back to her room. Asha brings her clothing garments and says she didn’t attempt to hurt her. Jahnvi says she knows. Aakarsh enters and apologizes Asha for questioning her. Asha says it is alright and leaves. Jahnvi attempts to desert Asha saying she needs to proceed to ensure her family. Aakarsh guarantees that his mom won’t hurt Jahnvi’s family. Satrupa watches them covering up. On the opposite side, Daayan orders Kalnemi to proceed to discover from Jahnvi where mani is.

Daayan 28 April 2019 Written Update

Kalnemi says Aakarsh is securing Jahnvi and he is feeling powerless. Daayan exhaust. Kalnemi thinks once daayan and Aakarsh bite the dust, he can be lord of daayan lok. Aakarsh enters and cautions his mom again not to hurt Jahnvi’s family, he will discover where mani is. Daayan assaults him and incites him to battle with her. Kalnemi considers on the off chance that they execute one another, he will be ruler of daayan lok. They hear somebody yelling, and Aakarsh hurry to the spot. Jahnvi with family eaches there. They see a dead man with parasitic imprint on his neck.

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