Kawach 23 June 2019 Written Update – Pandit ji Comes Near the Trishul

Written Update: Kawach 23 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Suman asks Sandhya to test Angad before marriage and requests 5 kisses. Sandhya says shut up and says no. Suman calls Angad from Sandhya’s pic. He is in the restroom and picks the call. Sandhya gets bashful to see him shirtless. He demonstrates his abs. Sandhya grins. Suman, Ruhi and Archana state shock and request that he give the first kiss to Sandhya. He says on the off chance that you pull my leg, at that point, I will turn out and kiss you. He goes to his room and sees Nisha staying there. He asks do you need something? Nisha says you and says you didn’t have sustenance, so I thought to ask you once.

Kawach 23 June 2019

Angad says I will come, go ground floor. She says you won’t come in the event that I go and requests that he come. Angad takes his sherwani and is going to go to the washroom. Nisha inquires as to why he needs to go to the washroom to put on something else and attempts to make him their connection. Angad moves away. Nisha says I am your past, yet exist in your present. She contacts him exotically and inquires as to whether he doesn’t feel anything when she is with him. She embraces him and says let’s begin the crisp start.

Angad pushes her and inquires as to whether she has gone distraught and inquires as to whether she doesn’t have disgrace, as he is wedding Sandhya in certain hours. Nisha says Sandhya will be embarrassed and advises that you used to adore me and she grabbed you. Angad says you had deceived me and don’t merit me. He says we can get anything with cash, however not trust. He says I will never at any point get in your life as you don’t love genuine affection and the opposite side is Sandhya who trust me.

Kawach 23 June 2019

Nisha says Sandhya proceeded to wed a phantom in the night and says in the event that it isn’t selling out. Angad says she had a misconception and tells that she returned when she came to think about reality. He says his adoration is so tremendous and it was deep to the point that his affection is adequate for Sandhya and him. Nisha says when you can excuse Sandhya then for what reason wouldn’t me be able to. Angad says Sandhya and I had a misconception, however, we have treachery between us of that night. He says I adore Sandhya dependably and asks her to simply leave.

Nisha sits in the vehicle and supposes she will perceive what is the cutoff of his adoration. Pandit ji asks Sandhya and Angad to trade laurels. They trade wreaths and sit for their marriage. Pandit ji asks Vinayak and Usha to venture forward to do kanyadaan. They do her kanyadaan. Angad’s mom ties the ghatbandhan. They take the rounds. Kiran believes Nisha’s husband to be is happening to somebody and don’t have the foggiest idea where is Nisha. Nisha draws close to the Trishul and murders the Pandit watching out for the trishul.

She says what did you say that you have cherished and not me. She says once this trishul moves, Angad and Sandhya will separate and he will be only mine. She reviews maha Pandit ji’s words. She says everything is reasonable in adoration and war. Pandit ji requests that they complete the last 4 rounds. Angad and Sandhya are taking rounds. Nisha attempts to haul the trishul out and gets pushed down. She gets terrified. Angad and Sandhya are as yet taking rounds.

Nisha asks herself not to get terrified, Andy tossed you out of his life, haul out this trishul and get him. She requests that she do it and remove the trishul starting from the earliest stage. She holds the trishul and pulls it with extraordinary power, it appears as magma turned out starting from the earliest stage. She tumbles down on the ground and takes out the container and liberates the insidious spirits. It impacts in the sky. She looks on. Pandit ji asks Angad to make her wear mangalsultra.

Angad is going to make her wear mangalsultra, simply then the tempest comes in the sky and the power light glints. Pandit ji says don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on and sees the havan fire setting the fire. He says this is abshagun. Kiran says shoot came and says he won’t let anything this marriage occur. Vinayak and phupha ji tell that they will check the light. Angad says no one will go anyplace. Some pandits come there. Angad says I requested that they serenade Shiv chalisa. The pandits begin reciting Shiv Chalisa.

Sandhya folds her hand. Karthik and Ankit go to the principle switch box and switch on the lights. Pandit ji says now the tempest finished and requests that they complete the ceremonies. Karthik says he has put on the wire. Pandit ji lights the havan fire. Angad wipes her tears. Chachi says how this tempest came, Pandit ji had said that he has kept the apparition hostage. Chacha hears wrongly. He at that point says on account of the awful climate.

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