Daayan 22 June 2019 Written Update – Daayan Attacks Jahnvi

Written Update: Daayan 22 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Betalini rises hearing Brijesh’s supplications and asks what he needs. He going about as upbeat seeing her says he implored god till now, yet Betalini maa heard his petitions. Betalini says she will give him forces to enter Betal lok. He expresses gratitude toward her and solicitations to remember Jahnvi as he considers her as his girl. Aakarsh comes to Betal lok and digs deep.

Daayan 22 June 2019

He discovers her spirit’s 5 chakras/stones in a glass globe, gets them in a container, and vanishes from that point. He comes to Patal lok and demonstrating Jahnvi’s spirit’s 5 chakras says he will remember Jahnvi here as this is the sheltered spot and Daayan or Betalini won’t question he is here. Betalini reveals to Brijesh that she won’t remember Jahnvi as she is her foe and even reclaims her forces given to Brijesh.

She vanishes, and Brijesh thinks Aakarsh more likely than not got Jahnvi’s spirit at this point. Betalini comes to Betal look and discovers Jahnvi’s spirit missing. Satrupa enters straightaway and educates Betalini that Aakarsh removed Jahnvi’s spirit, she should discover him reclaim Jahnvi’s spirit. She at that point comes to Daayan and educates her that Aakarsh removed Jahnvi’s spirit and she should discover Aakarsh and get the soul back.

Daayan 22 June 2019

Daayan says she bragged about her superpowers, so she herself should discover Aakarsh. On earth, Jahnvi’s family go about as asking Daayan, yet implore god. Daayan’s helper illuminates her and she arranges him to rebuff them till they ask her. The assistant does the same. Betalini comes to there and asks Brijesh to go to her. He doesn’t and family says they are imploring daayan and are under her insurance.

Betalini says she is daayan’s master and she offered forces to Daayan. She hauls Brijesh out and inquires as to for what reason did he go about as calling her and sent Aakarsh to Betal lok, where is Aakarsh now. Brijesh says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea.

She rebuffs him and by means of his eyes sees Aakarsh revealing to him that he is going to Patal lok to remember Jahnvi. Aakarsh in Patal lok attempts to remember Jahnvi. Betalini comes to there and attempts to stop him, yet Patalini meddles. She discards Patalini and asks who will spare him now. Satrupa comes to there and attempts to spare him, yet falls flat.

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