Daayan 16 June 2019 Written Update – Daayan Divided Jahnvi’s Soul

Written Update: Daayan 16 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Prachi and Veer hurry to him seeing him in agony. Aakarsh yells he won’t extra his mom for murdering Jahnvi. Veer requests that he unwind as daayan is incredible now and requests to go his room. Aakarsh says he won’t go where Satrupa is, he despises her. Veer drops him into another room where he envisions Jahnvi there and feels cheerful, however then gets tragic seeing her vanishing.

Jahnvi’s family chooses to leave Aakarsh’s lodging while Veer attempts to stop them. They state when Jahnvi herself isn’t alive, what will they do remaining here. Veer helps them to remember Jahnvi’s penance and how she battled numerous malevolent powers, and so forth.

Daayan 16 June 2019

Deadened Brijesh chachu flag and tumbles down from wheelchair. Veer inquires as to whether he needs to state something. Aakarsh fixes Brijesh’s loss of motion and asks what he needs to state. Brijesh says they could remember Raja with his fiery remains, so on the off chance that they can remember Jahnvi with her slag. Aakarsh says it is conceivable and he will get Jahnvi’s fiery debris from samshan ghat.

He vanishes from that point. Satrupa hearing their discussion supposes she won’t let him remember Jahnvi. Aakarsh comes to samshan ghat. Satrupa likewise reaches and stops him. Aakarsh cautions her to move away, however, Satrupa products her 7 shapes/hues and requests that other 6 stop Aakarsh while she gets slag. She asks samshan ghat man to give her Jahnvi’s fiery remains.

Daayan 16 June 2019

He denies and says he will just offer them to relatives. Satrupa mesmerizes him through dark enchantment and requests to bring slag. Aakarsh contacts her and attempts to grab slag, yet Satrupa escapes with fiery remains. Aakarsh catches red shading Satrupa and vanishes cautioning he will discharge her just on the off chance that he gets Jahnvi’s fiery remains.

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