Daayan 15 June 2019 Written Epi Update – Pritvhi opposes and says Brijesh

Written Update: Daayan 15 June 2019 Written Epi Update on starsofworld.com

Chandrika sees that and considers demolishing their pooja. Aakarsh in his room awakens and discovers Satroopa lying beside him, supposes on the off chance that he is hitched to Satroopa, at that point why he is recollecting Jahnvi. Satroopa awakens. he advises her what he is feeling. Satroopa says Jahnvi with her dark enchantment is deluding him. Aakarsh trusts her, yet hears Jahnvi calling him.

Asha Daayan begins obliterating Jahnvi’s 5 detects. First, she pulverizes her touch sense, at that point hearing sense and asks now she knows how she felt caught in the mirror. Brijesh performs pooja with relatives lounging around havan and requests that they serenade mantras with shut eyes. Defensive obstruction conforms to Jahnvi with pooja’s capacity.

Daayan 15 June 2019

Asha daayan is stunned to see that and through dark enchantment sees Jahnvi’s family attempting to secure Jahnvi. When they begin, Chandrika enters and consumes a hover around them to come up short their pooja. Prithvi enters yelling he won’t let her come up short pooja for her sister’s life and hits her. She falls oblivious. He sets off the flame with flame quencher and joins the family in pooja.

Daayan comes up short their pooja by means of the tempest and annihilates Jahnvi’s residual detects. Brijesh ends up disabled after fizzled pooja. Aakarsh faculties Jahnvi stuck in an unfortunate situation and feels uneasy. Satroopa asks what befell him. He says he believes he knows Jahnvi from ages and leaves the room.

Daayan 15 June 2019

Prachi sees Aakarsh leaving his room and enthusiastically educates family that Aakarsh more likely than not gone spare Jahnvi; however he lost his memory, despite everything he adores Jahnvi subliminally. Aakarsh comes to daayan lok and asks Daayan what’s happening with her. Daayan says she is relinquishing Jahnvi as Jahnvi had caught her in a mirror.

She closes Jahnvi’s every one of the 5 faculties and penances her totally. She at that point calls Patalini and presents her Jahnvi’s spirit. Patalini acknowledges her spirit and gives her shelter of immortality. Aakarsh stands pitiful seeing Jahnvi dead.

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