Daayan 14 April 2019 Written Update – Jahnvi Wants to destroy Daayan

Written Update: Daayan 14 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chachaji in sanctuary supplicates god to shield Jahnvi from Akarsh’s evilness and bring her back home securely. Jahnvi confined in Aakarsh’s correctional facility argues to free her. Veer comes to there and inquires as to whether she is fine. Jahnvi asks how could he realize she is here. Veer says every one of these courses lead to royal residence, he saw Aakarsh getting into this course and tail him. Jahnvi says they need to wreck Daayan at any expense soon. Veer says they ought to get devyani mani and utilize its superpowers to pulverize Daayan and Aakarsh. She asks even Aakarsh? Veer says let us go and opens prison entryway.

They both exit. Aakarsh requests that her tell what did lord tell before biting the dust. Jahnvi stops and says he should be Aakarsh and Aakarsh needs to comprehend what did lord tell before kicking the bucket. Veer says he is genuine Veer and portrays her affection for hot talks amid their school days. Jahnvi trusts him. In daayan’s cave, Aakarsh educates his mom daayan that ruler mumbled some mystery about devyani mani in Jahnvi’s ears before passing on, she doesn’t illuminate that mystery, however he will get it at any expense. When he leaves, Kalnemi says he doesn’t trust Aakarsh. Daayan says her child is hypnotized in Jahnvi’s adoration, yet he will attempt his best to get mani and on the off chance that he falls flat, she will get mystery from Jahnvi.

In inn, Jahnvi advises Veer that King mumbled Kendriya man astute satrupa jagrute. Veer asks what is its significance. Jahnvi says she doesn’t have even an inkling. He checks web and illuminates it implies there is a lady named satrupa who is neither in sky nor earth, she has 7 appearances and 7 masks covered up in one another and is amazing dark performer who is guarding devyani mani. Jahnvi comprehends the riddle it implies she is covered up in a red stone and says she knows where red stone is, it is in store room’s storm cellar. Satrupa under red stone grins erotically and says the time has come to escape this stone.

Veer requests that her arrival to imprison while he goes to store room and get red stone. They see Aakarsh coming, Veer keeps Aakarsh occupied in his ridiculous visit while Jahnvi escapes from behind, comes back to prison, and securing herself discards key and goes about as endeavoring to get it by means of stick. Aakarsh comes to there and asks what’s happening with she. She says she is endeavoring to escape from here. He says she is simply squandering her time and can’t escape from here, she ought to educate where devyani mani is, else he can’t spare her from his mom daayan. Jahnvi says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where mani is and regardless of whether she knows, she won’t. He asks what did ruler mumble in her ears before passing on. She says she will never uncover it to him or his mom.

Prithvi subsequent to got notification from Chachaji how he and Vishakha were under Daayan’s dark spell says now he trusts chachaji and needs to end Aakarsh to shield Jahnvi from him. In prison, Jahnvi stands up to Aakarsh that he never adored her and is insidious like his mom who is simply representing his advantage. Aakarsh says she had hitched him by trap, yet he didn’t abandon her and stayed faithful to his commitment till now, she should tell where devyani mani is, else his other will not extra her. Jahnvi keeps standing up to him. They both nod off and envision romancing one another. Jahnvi awakens and thinks why she is unfit to loathe Aakarsh. Aakarsh awakens and wishes her upbeat birthday. Jahnvi inquires as to whether he recalls her birthday. He says he is praising her birthday party today around evening time with her family.

She says there is no requirement for that. He liberates Jahnvi and takes her to the sanctuary where Jahnvi’s family is. Taiji says he can’t enter the sanctuary and will consume in the event that he does. Aakarsh utilizes his defensive shield and enters sanctuary. Taiji cautions him to avoid her family. Aakarsh says he is observing Jahnvi’s birthday today around evening time and needs entire family to go to it. Jahnvi says no one will. Prithvi says he will bring the entire family. Aakarsh leaves. Chachaji hollers on the off chance that he is still powerless to resist daayan and is faithful to Aakarsh. Prithvi says Aakarsh was not mentioned, he was educating, they don’t have any decision and they can plan to escape from lodging amid gathering. Jahnvi asks what is his arrangement. He says he will educate her amid gathering approaches family to prepare for gathering.

In daayan’s cave, Kalnemi educates daayan that her child is a deceiver and is observing Jahnvi’s birthday as opposed to discovering mani, so it is better they get it from Jahnvi. Aakarsh comes to there and rebuffing Kalnemi cautions to not mentally condition his mom. Daayan cautions him to leave Kalnemi as he is her sibling and Aakarsh can’t hurt relatives for Jahnvi, presently she will get mani herself. Aakarsh demands not to do that, he will attempt to get the man some way or another. Veer comes back to Jahnvi and advises that he didn’t discover red stone in store room storm cellar. Jahnvi says she saw it there last time and thinks daayan more likely than not take it, she will endeavor to get it from daayan by means of Aakarsh.

She comes back to her room. Asha gets nourishment for Jahnvi. Jahnvi asks where was she all nowadays. She says she was dreading for her life after Mainka’s demise, so was covering up. She proceeds with that she is delighted to see Aakarsh is daayan and Mainka isn’t his mom. Jahnvi inquires as to whether she realizes who is Aakarsh’s genuine mother. Asha says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Aakarsh strolls back to the inn with a blessing box. Nandini meets him and says according to his request she sent all visitors away. He asks her additionally to go. She states despite everything she adores him and needs to be with him in his extreme time.

Aakarsh cautions to stop her show as she cherishes just herself and is egotistical, in the event that she truly needs to support him, at that point deal with all the birthday party game plans. Nandini concurs, yet vapor that she hosts to compose Jahnvi’s birthday get-together. Aakarsh achieves Jahnvi’s room. Asha leaves seeing him. Aakarsh gives blessing box to Jahnvi and says he brought a sari for her and by and by chose it as she enjoys this shading. He wishes glad birthday once more.

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