Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Hosts, Qualifiers, Matches

Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Matches, Download PDF: Copa America is an international football tournament which was known as South American Football Championship until 1975, it is a men’s football event comprising of 12 to 16 teams which determines the continental champion of South America, due to its huge importance, teams from North America and Asia have also been invited. The ground is set for 46th Copa America edition which will be held in Brazil.

Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Hosts, Qualifiers, Matches
Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Hosts, Qualifiers, Matches

Beginning of Copa America

Lima Cricket and Football Club was the first team in South America which was established in Peru in 1859. Argentina Football Association was later found in 1893. Football was the major event in the early 20th Century, it was a growing event so the first ever competition was held between the National Teams of the continent occurred in 1910, Argentia hosted his first event. Though Uruguay and Chile participated but the tournament was not officially declared by CONMEBOL. When Argentina held a tournament in 1916, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina were the first participants of the tournament.

Copa America Rapid Fire Question:

Here is a crux of Copa America in shape of Rapid Fire questions

    • When was first Copa America Tournament was held?: The first Copa America was heled by Argentina in 1916.
    • Which Edition of Copa America will be held in 2019?: It is the 46th edition of Copa America
    • Who is hosting Copa America 2019?: Brazil is hosting Copa America 2019
    • Which country hosted Copa America most of the times?: Argentina hosted most of the times Copa America for almost 10 times (1916, 1921, 1925, 1929, 1937, 1946, 1959, 1987, 2011, 2020)
    • List those teams who never won Copa America?: Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, the United States, and Venezuela never won a single title of Copa America
    • Which team won the title most of the times?: Uruguay won the title 15 times (1916, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1935, 1942, 1956, 1959, 1967 , 1983, 1987, 1995, 2011)

Copa America 2019: 46th Edition of Copa America

Copa America 2019, Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Matches Download PDF: Undoubtedly, this event is one of the major football events which have a brilliant history as well. This year Copa America 2019 will be played in Brazil, the 46th edition of Copa World Cup 2019 is coming soon and the first match will be played on 14th of June 2019 and final will be on 7th July 2019. Let’s fly to Brazil this year, Brazil has also hosted FIFA World Cup 2014 which was won by Germany and Argentina was the runner-up team.

Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Hosts, Qualifiers, Matches
Copa America 2019 Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Hosts, Qualifiers, Matches

Brazil has selected six stadiums across five cities to host this event. Brasil is also the favorite team to lift this cup. 2019 Copa America is a really interesting event as teams are fully prepared for this time and Chile is the defending Champion, in fact, Chile may have the chance to complete the first hattrick as Chilean won Copa América 2015 and Copa América 2016 so they have a chance to complete it.

2019 Copa America Brazil Details:

[box bg_color=”#98C4DD”]
Host: Brasil
Date: 14 June to 7 July
Venues: 6
Matches: 26
Teams: 12
Current Champions & Title Defenders: Chile

Copa America 2019 Teams

12 teams are participating in 2019’s Copa America, two Asian Teams, Japan and Qatar have been included this time. Names of teams are stated as under.

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Japan
  • Qatar
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Paraguay

Copa America Brasil 2019 Logo

The Conmebol Association has planned and also announced the Copa América 2019 Schedule, enjoy the extreme level of excitement and amazement, though World Cup fever has gone but Copa craziness is waiting for all Football lovers. The Conmebol Association has proudly announced the details of all 26 matches that would be played in this tournament.

Logo and promotional video of Copa America Brasil 2019 has already been launched officially through The South American Football Confederation’s (Conmebol) Facebook and Twitter accounts. Images of Copa America 2019 logo can easily be downloaded from their official website. The drawing looks pretty similar to the Brasil’s flag which represents that the tournament is being sponsored and held by Brazil.

Design of Copa America logo is stunning, comprising of Brazilian flag colors(Green, Yellow, and Blue) with Copa America Trophy image, surrounded by colorful vibrations, in the middle of the logo. It’s the best design for all Brazilain as it reminds previous World Cup 2014 design where Brazil hosted the event, the logo seems identical, however, it is fascinating to enjoy rather than focusing upon the design and color of the logo.

Copa America 2019 Host

Brazil invested a huge amount of money on repair, construction and restoration of grounds which were used during FIFA World Cup 2014, originally, Copa América 2019 fixture was about to be hosted by Chile but due to CONMEBOL’s new rotation policy, Brazil was honored to host this event, due to past major events taken place in Brazil such as

  • FIFA Confederation Cup 2013
  • FIFA World Cup 2014
  • Summer Olympics 2016

Brazil opted to organize Copa América 2015, later a mutual discussion as made between Chile and Brazil to swap the event so Chile hosted the Copa America 2015 and now Brazil is hosting 2019’s Copa América. Agreement between both teams was signed by CONMEBOL Association in 2012.

After some changing in rules, the final edition of Copa America will be played in 2019, after 2020, this tournament will be held the same year as similar to tournaments such as UEFA European Championship comprising 16 teams, it is also considered that 16 teams will be included in the next edition of Copa America which will be held in 2020.

If teams are increased then the level of excitement will go up as fans may get more fun and series will go along with much more matches. For the last time, Copa America is being held in odd years, after this tournament Copa America will be held in even years following UEFA European Championship League.

We know there are 12 playing national soccer teams if you want to know more about 2019 Copa America fixtures, Schedule, Matches List and Draw matches, you need to read it further. Find out the detail of Copa America 2019 Brazil teams and players in which 10 teams are already CONMEBOL national teams while two Asian teams from Asian Football Federation (AFC) has also been included in this tournament.

Federation decided initially to include 16 teams as per the pattern of UEFA European Championship League including 10 teams from CONMEBOL, 3 teams from CONCACAF and 3 from AFC but at the end, South American Federation (SAF) invited 2 teams from AFC national teams.

Copa America 2019 Tournaments

This is going to the first time when teams other than CONMEBOL have been included in Copa America 2019, Qatar and Japan have been included in this format of 12 teams. It’s the second time when Japan appeared in Copa America in 1999 after almost 20 years. It is for the first time when no CONCACAF team has been included to play Copa America league.

Copa America 2019 Groups

All 12 teams have been divided into 3 groups including 4 teams each, stated as under.

Group A:

  • Brazil
  • Bolivia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru

Group B:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Qatar

Group C:

  • Chile
  • Uruguay
  • Ecuador
  • Japan

Copa America 2019 Venues & Stadiums

2019 Copa Ameria Venues

 Brazil has selected 5 cities and 6 stadiums to organize this Copa America 2019 league, you can simply check out the list of stadiums for 2019 Copa America football competition, however, grounds have been selected as per their performance, usage and capacity, mostly these grounds have been used in FIFA World Cup 2014.

Based upon the audience and capacity of the ground, following selection of grounds have been made by Brazil to host this Copa America 2019 stated as under.

  • Itiapava Arena Fonte Nova – Salvador
  • Arena do Gremio – Porto Alegre
  • Estadio do Maracana – Rio de Janeiro
  • Estadio do Morumbi – Sao Paulo
  • Arena Corinthians – Sao Paulo
  • Estadio Mineirao – Belo Horizonte

Copa America 2019 Stadiums

We know that 12 teams have been included in Tournament so five cities Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Belo Horizonte, have already been selected to conduct all 26 matches of this tournament, followings are the six famous Brqaand to host the 12-team Copa America. The list of six stadiums in 5 cities are:

  1. Maracana Stadium (Rio, Capacity: 74,750)
  2. Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador, Capacity: 52,000)
  3. Mineirao Stadium (Belo Horizonte, Capacity: 58,200)
  4. Allianz Parque (Sao Paulo, Capacity: 43,725)
  5. Morumbi Stadium (Sao Paulo, Capacity: 67,425)
  6. Arena De Gremio (Porto Alegre, Capacity: 55,660)

2019 Copa America Fixture, Schedule, and Matches List

Brazil will fight on team Bolivia in the first and Opening Match of the Copa America Events on Copa America 2019 on 14th June. Complete fixtures List of this American football events was officially confirmed on 24th January when the draw carried on and 12 Teams classified into three groups for Copa America.

Host Selecao – Team Brazil to meet team Venezuela and team Peru in the very first round fo the game in the Fixtures of Copa America 2019 group A.

Qatar is the hosting nation of the year 2022 Fifa world cup that is featuring in the Copa America tournament for the first time and it definitely has to see how they perform throughout the league. Apart from Qatar, Japan is another team that is invited for South American football tournament named as Copa America 2019.

Team Qatar which is Drawn in the Group B and have to compete against the champions team Argentina, Two-time winners of Copa America tournament, team Paraguay and 2001 Copa America champions team Colombia all are in the same group. Qatar is about to start the Copa America tournament campaign by playing its first match against team Paraguay on 16th June at the stadium of Rio de Janeiro.

Another invited team Japan is placed in Group C. In group C there are three other teams that are Uruguay, Defending champions chile and team Ecuador in the group stage matches.

Total of 18 Matches will be played in 2019 Copa America Group stage while Quarter Final Match will begin from the 27th June.

Two semi Final Matches are scheduled to play on 2nd and 3rd July while Copa America 2019 Final match is set to be hosted by Maracana stadium of Rio de Janeiro on 7th July date.

Copa America 2019 Groups Fixtures

Copa America 2019 Schedule of Group A

  • 14 June 2019 21:30 BRT- Brazil vs Bolivia
  • 15 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Venezuela vs Peru
  • 18 June 2019 18:30 BRT- Bolivia vs Peru
  • 18 June 2019 21:30 BRT- Brazil vs Venezuela
  • 22 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Peru vs Brazil
  • 22 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Bolivia vs Venezuela

Copa America 2019 Schedule of Group B

  • 15 June 2019 19:00 BRT- Argentina vs Colombia
  • 16 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Paraguay vs Qatar
  • 19 June 2019 28:30 BRT- Colombia vs Qatar
  • 19 June 2019 21:30 BRT- Argentina vs Paraguay
  • 23 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Qatar vs Argentina
  • 23 June 2019 16:00 BRT- Colombia vs Paraguay

Copa America 2019 Schedule of Group C

  • 16 June 2019 19:00 BRT- Uruguay vs Ecuador
  • 17 June 2019 20:00 BRT- Japan vs Chile
  • 20 June 2019 20:00 BRT- Uruguay vs Japan
  • 21 June 2019 20:00 BRT- Ecuador vs Chile
  • 24 June 2019 20:00 BRT- Chile vs Uruguay
  • 24 June 2019 20:00 BRT- Ecuador vs Japan

Copa America 2019 Live Streaming

Click here to watch out Copa America live

How can you see the Live Streaming of all Copa America 2019 Matches?

The most amazing and entertaining football event that will start soon would be broadcasted by several channels, check Copa America 2019 Live Streaming channels for free and enjoy to watch live matches on our website. It is the third most famous football event following after FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Cup. Enjoy Live Streaming of 2019 Copa America matches that will attract users to enjoy unlimited live streaming, install Adblocker to enjoy Ads-Free streaming. Usually, users are unable to find Live Streaming of the Copa America Championship as fake websites share such links.


In addition to TV Viewers, there also exist online viewers as well who are looking for online live telecast for free. Therefore, there are a lot of TV Channels for live telecast of Copa America that are showing live match of all the matches of Copa America 2019 edition all around the world as well as much online live streaming. Same way, free live streaming will also be available that can benefit football fans all over the world.

We are here to provide you all the information that can help you in watching Live Streaming of Copa America 2019 Tournament.

Where Can You Watch 2019 Copa America Live online for Free?

Football fans of team Argentina can watch a live telecast of 2019 Copa America football tournament on TYC sports and TV public while Brazil fans get the live action of this Copa America 2019 football tournament on Rede Globo and Sportv.

Fox Sports Australia broadcast Copa America Centenario live coverage in Australia country. France Televisions, beIN Sports, Canal+ TV channels are the official broadcaster of Copa America 2019 Live streaming of France country.

Read More About Copa America 2019 Live Streaming

Copa America 2019 Live scores

Where to Watch Copa America 2019 Full Live Score Coverage?

Nowadays in the digital world, so many online sites are coming up with the latest news and updates related to Football Sports and many of them show the Copa America 2019 Live scores full coverage with commentary for All Matches of the tournament and that just for free.

The most popular websites always provide real-time updates and live score of the matches. for E.g – soccer24, goal, ESPN, Whoscored, livesoccertv etc. You may also download the mobile apps from these type of websites and install it in your smartphones or directly visit their site to see the live score coverage.

So, don’t miss any moments of South American Football Events like 2019 season of Copa America.

Online Website List For Copa America 2019

  • Livesoccertv
  • flashscore
  • Sofascore
  • BBC
  • ESPN
  • Livescore

Other Than these sites you can also enjoy the live score updates directly on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They have the live score and updates of each and every games. so just type on your browser Copa America live score etc and get the latest goal and score details on your Figure.

2019 Copa America Trophy

2019 edition of the Copa America Tournament is going to be held in Brazil and it will be the best in its history with a total of 12 teams participating from two regions and the winner will receive not one but two trophies.

The Earlier trophy was designed back in 1916 by Argentina’s jewelers and it was used till 2007 followed by a new version released for 2011 Copa America inspired by the original trophy.

Copa America 2019 trophy is excellently designed and presented by the officials. read more about the 2019 Copa America trophy and download the latest HD Images, PNG File

Copa America Winners

Over the past few years, underdog teams have performed very well and surprised everyone with their performance, such as Chile and won the back to back Copa in 2015 and 2016 and Portugal won the Euro Cup 2016. And, Croatia is also reaching the final FIFA World Cup 2018. So with some occasions, these underdog teams will perform very well in Copa America 2019.

If we mention the name of the last winners of Copa America, then Uruguay is at the top of that list with 15 Copa America Winners titles. After team Uruguay, Argentina is in second place with 14 wins. Brazil also won eight times and got third place in the list. In some other countries like Paraguay, Peru, and Chile, there is also one title. And Colombia and Bolivia both live a single time.

Let’s Know About the Past Copa America 2019 Winners:

Past Copa America Final Matches

2016 Chile 0-0 in extra time over Argentina

2015 Chile 0-0 in extra time over Argentina

2011 Uruguay 3-0 over Paraguay

2007 Brazil 3-0 over Argentina

2004 Brazil 2-2 over Argentina (Brazil won 4-2 on penalties)

2001 Colombia 1-0 over Mexico

1999 Brazil 3-0 over Uruguay

1997 Brazil 3-1 over Bolivia

1995 Uruguay 1-1 over Brazil (Uruguay won 5-3 on penalties)

1993 Argentina 2-1 Mexico

1991 Argentina – League Format

1989 Brazil – League Format

1987 Uruguay 1-0 over Chile

1983 Uruguay 3-1 over Brazil

1979 Paraguay 3-1 over Chile

1975 Peru 4-1 over Colombia

Know everything about the Copa America Winners So far since the first tournament in 1916.

Copa America 2019 Tickets

The Copa America 2019 Brazilian ticket sales for 26 matches began on Thursday, January 10, 2019, with prices starting from 60 Reyes ($ 16.20). The initial batch included 228,000 tickets, the website was sold at 6 pm at the website

The total cost to watch a game in the tournament, which will be from June 14 to July 7, 60 and 890 from Brazilian Real ($ 16 to $ 240), and a total of 770,000 tickets.

Ergarto Guimaras, the Director of Operations earlier issued a statement that the COPA is looking forward to a high presence in 2019 while considering almost full stadiums in Brazil during the organizing committee World Cup 2014.

Copa America Sponsors and Partners

Conmebol association has declared a new partnership with Master card for three years that covers multiple tournaments planned by the soccer body South Americans.

following the terms of the deal, MasterCard is now the official payment services partner and contact-less payment brand for the Copa America 2019 and also Copa Libertadores through the year of 2022.

This deal marks the 12th frequent edition of the Copa America tournament where MasterCard has been an official partner and its very first involvement with the Copa Libertadores.

The collaboration might see MasterCard facilitate transactions across both tournaments, including the purchase of the ticket, the payment of transportation to the stadium and also the purchase of food at venues.

Copa America 2019 Broadcasting Partners

Australia Fox Sports
Argentina TV Publica
Azerbaijan ITV
Brazil SporTV, Rede Globo
Bolivia Bolivision
Chile Canal 13
Colombia Senate Deportes, Caracol TV

2019 Copa America Favorites: Winner Prediction

Copa America will be in 2019 this year in five different cities in Brazil. The Copa America 2019 will begin on 14th June and will end on July 7th. Copa America is a quadrangle tournament and organized by CONMEBOL of South America.

It usually involves many countries outside the union. This year, we have 12 nations competing with each other. Current champion team, Chile Two powerful teams named Host Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. And two invited people named Qatar and Japan.

There are favorite teams from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. However, he did not perform for this performance in the 2018 World Cup.

Last champion Chile was also unsuccessful. After facing England, Columbia was also out. Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Certainly Copa America and some of the largest fan bases in the world. However, they are all very strong and they are aiming for the trophy which is currently in Chile.

Argentina wants to be champion, so they are determined to win. This year’s edition is Japan and Qatar, and these two countries were in the Asian Cup final in January but Qatar won 3-1. This is Japan’s second appearance in the Copa América, while Qatar Kopa is launching its first Arab nation in America.

Japan is an outsider at the moment, but given its performance in the Asian Cup in 2019, teams such as Chile, Ecuador have been given very tough competition. , And Uruguay, because, Japan played well in the World Cup 2018 and won against Colombia.

Ultimately losing to Qatar by 1-3 might damage Japanese prestige, and his coach Moriuu announced that his goal would be for the Copa America 2019.

Now, about Qatar, how they crowned Trophy, Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia. Hate them. And perhaps most, because in these countries there is a very negative stereotype for Qatar, the result of its large lewd dispersion, and the historic encounter between South American and Gulf teams has always ended mostly in the South American side.

Copa America 2019 Winner prediction of all the team is been analyzed by our team and we would love to share that with all our readers.

Copa America 2019 Schedule in PDF Format

Copa America 2019 Schedule is yet not announced by CONMEBOL. Official Copa America 2019 Draw on 24th January so come back after that time to find out PDF fixtures of Copa America 2019 Brazil.

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