Choti Sardarni 6 February 2020 Written Update – She says Harleen why?

Harleen sees the rundown. She says Harleen why? Dolly says his significant other would mind. Harleen says legislative issues and connections are extraordinary. Sarab says yes. Be that as it may, she has been a sitting Sarpanj. She is a widow and has an enthusiastic association with individuals. Harleen says OK. She searches for Kumar’s name. Meher is helping Param with his schoolwork.

Does she solicit PM from India? Param comes in. Param says daddy, mother truly missed you. She requested that I check thrice in case you’re back. Sarab says I would be occupied. You will just get 3-4 hours. Meher says I would need to endure you for 3-4 hours. He says Tarkash was stating you worked quite well. She says you never welcome me. He says I would prefer not to ruin you. Meher sees the rundown of competitors. Param gives Sarab water. Meher sees Kulwant’s name. She says why mummy ji? You know governmental issues more than me. Be that as it may, it’s a mix-up to give her this seat.

Kulwant says to Rana call Meher and inquires as to whether Sarab has put my name in the rundown. I will become MLA. She says I would have red light on my vehicle. Yuvi says Kulwant Kaur will go to red light.

Choti Sardarni 6 February 2020 Written Update

Meher says she is a difficult lady. She thinks about individuals she has profited by. I am certain you should think I am an abnormal little girl. In any case, she doesn’t merit this seat. If it’s not too much trouble cut her name. Sarab says I will do what you inquire. Your recommendation is a higher priority than anything. Robbie catches this.

Harleen calls Kumar. She says you will get the ticket. Your name is in the rundown. He says Kulwant called me and said I won’t get the ticket. Is her name in the rundown? Sarab says I need to declare the substitute name by tomorrow first thing. Meher says I have a thought. Dolly says Sarab took your recommendation about Kumar. Robbie says I have a piece of uplifting news. Your Kulwant’s name is cut from the rundown. Dolly says this is preposterous. Robbie says Meher cut her name from the rundown. Harleen says stunning. How about we hold up till tomorrow first thing.

Yuvi says Kulwant Kaur will go to red light. Jagga says what are you saying. He says dadi showed me this. Kulwant says I was discussing the red light on my vehicle. Kulwant says I will begin a standard against DILs who are pitiless to their MILs. Jagga says what are you saying. Kulwant says I would require my own military. I need to rehearse my discourse. everybody would realize how astonishing Kulwant is. Amrita says Yuvi you go to class. Yuvi says I have decisions in school also.

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