Choti Sardarni 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Meher Needs Prayers

Written Update: Choti Sardarni 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Dolly is in the emergency clinic. She says you carried me to the clinic I am finished with this wheelchair. Take a gander at that young lady. She is dressed like the Netherlands’ banner. Rovi says we are in the clinic. This isn’t a design appear. Does Dolly say you become human in the medical clinic?

I was intending to take a selfie with her. Does the young lady say aunt you said something? Dolly says how could you break your leg? The young lady says my neighbor used to make fun of my garments. So one day I hit her a great deal and broke my very own leg also. Dolly says what. Rovi says remain quiet before she breaks your other leg too.

Sarab hurries to a crisis. Meher cries. Dolly and Rovi see Sarab. Dolly says Sarab you here. They hurry to the crisis room. Yet, the lift is shut. Dolly says to take the stairs. We need to discover what is happening. Meher is raced to the crisis room. Kulwant comes there also with Rana. Dolly observes Kulwant. Does she say what are you doing here? Kulwant says blood gift. Individuals do it in youth.

Choti Sardarni 5 October 2019

Rovi says first to discover what are Sarab and Meher doing here? Kulwant says what? Dolly says yes meher was on a stretcher and holding her stomach. did she have any sickness? You look stressed. Is there anything? Kulwant says no she was fine. Rovi says how about we discover them first.

They go to the lift. Dolly and Kulwant contend. Rovi says we need to discover Meher and Sarab first. Meher cries in agony. She says nothing ought to happen to my kid. Sarab holds her hand. He says everything would be fine. Nothing would happen to your kid.

The specialist says did she pick a substantial article or a mishap? Sarab says she climbed a divider. The specialist says this is hazardous for her kid. She checks Meher. The specialist says we must be cautious. Meher says will my youngster be fine? Sarab says yes.

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