Choti Sardarni 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Everyone clebrates Lohri

Written Update: Choti Sardarni 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Meher returns. She says whose vehicle is this? Meher says whose vehicle is this. Request that that bonehead move it. A person says this is VIP’s vehicle. She says so what? They can stop it the manner in which they need? A man comes and says this is on my person. Do what you can. Gill is in vehicle. Meher says express sorry to learn. Gill takes a gander at them. The person says sorry we committed an error. He crashes into Manva. Manav gives him frozen yogurt to quiet down. He gives second dessert to Meher. She says one? He says we are one also. She says I saw you gave him the frozen yogurt. He says quiet down.

Tarkash says to Gill she was such an uproarious young lady. He says young ladies aren’t boisterous. Folks make them. Gill says there is uplifting news. A person from our town has a doctorate qualification. This person can make my ream work out as expected that I need for our Punjab’s fields. Meher says to Manav we are going out on the town to shop. Gulwand says to Meher do you like the family photograph? She says yes. Gulwand says how about we go for Lohri shopping. She says no I need to get my red dress dupatta with Bubli. She says you can wear what you need. There are numerous dresses. Amrita says she may need to.

Choti Sardarni 4 July 2019

Rana demonstrates an image of Gill’s vehicle to Gulwand. Meher sees it also. Gill returns home. There is a young lady. She gives him a kurta. He says would it fit? She says this is for Param. Khushi comes. She says this is my trophy. I won’t my opposition. The young lady is Gill’s sister. Khushi says Param is so idiotic, He doesn’t know his name’s spelling. The house keeper comes and says I have been searching for Param. He is no place.

Gill searches wherever for Param. He sees broken glass. He sees a storage room and picks it. Param originates from under the bed. Gill hurls a murmur of alleviation. Param is under the bed. Gill says express gratitude toward God you’re fine. Turn out at this point. He says what were you doing there? He says making an illustration. He shos drawing it says, daddy mummy. Param reviews his better half kicking the bucket. He said to his significant other Param you can’t disregard me. Kindly open your eyes. His sister came there with his child Param. Gill embraces Param in tears

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