Choti Sardarni 4 February 2020 Written Update – A pandit said something

Sarab says Meher won’t go anyplace. Does Slam Lal say let us know? Would your little girl come here? We will do likewise. Amrita says uncle ji. Kulwant says I am the Sarpanj. Both Ram Lal’s little girl and Meher would convey in their parent’s home. Smash Lal, you can take her to Choti Sardarni Hospital for conveyance. Nothing would be charged, I will compose the letter. Does Sarab say do you like my choice? Meher grins.

Meher goes to the specialist. The specialist mentions to her what to eat. Sarab sits tight for Meher outside. Does Meher say what are you doing here? The specialist says you’re fortunate he thinks about you. Sarab says her memory is powerless so I must be here. The specialist says you’re correct. Sarab says at that point request that her state sorry. Meher says Menay Pyar Kia’s Salman Khan said no grieved, not this time. The specialist says you all are so charming.

Choti Sardarni 4 February 2020 Written Update

Dolly says to Kulwant I will come yet serve great snacks with scotch. Kulwant says we will get ready astonishing nourishment. Amrita says I don’t think Meher would come here. But says yes she won’t convey here. Kulwant breaks the glass and says nobody guides me. I rule here. Meher won’t’ show me out of her life. Rana says she changes each minute. Kulwant says this is about my name. The political race is round the corner. The whole city has eyes on me. On the off chance that Meher doesn’t come, I will lose all the votes. she should come here not make any difference what I need to accomplish for that.

Meher says decisions are round the corner. You shouldn’t have left the gathering. He says nothing is a higher priority than you and my children. This child is in your belly however similarly mine. Mehr says thank you and sorry. Kulwant and Dolly drink together. Does Kulwant say all great? Dolly says yes you asked me multiple times as of now. Kulwant says you ought to send Meher to my home for a quarter of a year. Dolly says we were examining the equivalent. As per the custom, Meher ought to convey here yet Sarab and Meher said no. Kulwant says in heart I declared as of now. Kulwant says I am concerned for you. Dolly says I am fine. Kulwant says you will have all the obligation on you. A pandit said something can turn out badly. Dolly says I trust right now. Meher should come here. They drink.

Dolly gets back home and says Harleen where are you? Harleen says where were you? Dolly says we will do an element of Meher’s infant shower. Meher will go to her mom’s place. It’s a custom. They will go there. Meher and Sarab get back home. Param embraces them and says I was sitting tight for both of you. He takes them inside. Harleen says Meher would avoid us however it’s a custom. Saraband Param is so near Meher. We should let them know at the spot. Harleen says in heart this is my opportunity. Meher won’t be here and I will take all the control in my grasp.

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