Choti Sardarni 15 October 2019 Written Update – Kulwant Congratulates, What is the Reason

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Meher takes a gander at Manav’s case. She reviews her minutes with Manav. Meher is in tears. Meher strokes his cloth. Meher hit the dance floor with him. Her wrecked edge is there also. Meher sees the house designation papers that Manav got for Meher. Meher cries. Preeti says Meher you bundle is here. Meher gets it. Dolly says Meher you requested on the web?

She says yes. for Jagga and Amrita’s commemoration. I got a 60% rebate. Dolly says you do shopping with a rebate? We don’t do that here. Meher says I keep my shopping in the financial limit. Sarab says in heart, she is utilizing my cash like water. Meher says to the mailman to restore my 9 rupees. He says I don’t have change. Meher says I do. Dolly says Sarab discloses to her that she is our DIL now, not Kulwant’s little girl alone.

Kulwant comes in and says you recalled that me and I am here. Meher makes proper acquaintance. Kulwant says God would give all of you the endowments. Kulwant causes everybody to eat desserts. Sarab says Meher mother.. Meher runs upstairs. Dolly says what are these desserts for? Kulwant says you are more seasoned than me yet I am similarly savvy. You figured you won’t let me know and I don’t have a clue? I know it now. Rovi eats desserts. Congrats. She says in heart, they are tolerating somebody’s wrongdoing as their youngster.

Choti Sardarni 15 October 2019

Dolly says in some cases you misunderstand things. Kulwant says everybody conceals these things. We didn’t tell anybody. Is this last? Dolly says we are sitting tight for the mail. Kulwant says thinks she stated, male. She says imagine a scenario where it’s a female. Dolly says you have an awful comical inclination. Kulwant gets a call that her studs are conveyed. Dolly says you all are purchasing a ton of costly things nowadays. Kulwant says God’s endowments.

Sarab’s records are being explored. The official says he moved 25 crores to his significant other’s record. The exploring official says call Meher here tomorrow first thing for cross examination. Sarab says I am going with Momsi tomorrow first thing to drop her to the air terminal. Meher says for what reason would you say you are letting me know? I am not going anyplace. Thus won’t Param. Param has school. Sarab says one day doesn’t make a difference. He would go with us. Meher says no he would go to class.

Sarab says he would go with us. Sarab shouts and says both of you continue battling. I revealed to you it’s terrible habits. The couple from the marriage agency comes in. They state Pinky’s mom has sent every one of these presents for her SIL Bitu. Amrita says what.. Jagga says Bitu is.. Kulwant says welcome. Much obliged to you for your blessings.

Meher says Param would you say you are distraught at me? sarab says sorry Param. Param says I would rest alone from today. The two of them embrace Param. Meher says we guarantee you, we won’t battle. Meher says never before you. Param says I don’t accept. Sarab says we are not lying. Param says I will see. Kulwant says we will do the commitment soon. Bitu says whose commitment? Yuvi says they are discussing your commitment. Kulwant says no I found a young lady for Rana. Bitu says gracious extraordinary.

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