Choti Sardarni 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Meher Withdraws Money?

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Param says continue resting. Meher says I am fine. Param says don’t be obstinate mother. He checks her fever. Param says no fever. Worker comes. Param says get entire house purified. I need neem leaves. Meher snickers. Param gives them same guidelines Meher gave them. Param says nobody will go to mom’s room. Nobody will eat non veg here.

Proceed to tell Dolly dadi. My mother will rest now. Meher is in tears. Param says dad go, goodbye. He leaves. Param says mom rest your head in my lap. Param strokes her face and sings her a children’s song. Meher dozes. Param reveals to Sarab mom is resting. How would I cause her to eat the prescription? Param says father, you remain here with mom. I will get medication. You touch her face. Sarab sits beside Meher. Param goes to get medication. Sarab says what is Param causing me to do.

He caresses Meher’s face. Meher gets up. He says s you weren’t resting? Meher says I was. Why not let Param lay down with me. He says I came to take Param. Meher says no you came to exasperate me. Meher says I won’t let you rest, you can change my name on the off chance that you do. He says it’s monkey as of now. Param makes Meher drinks juice. Sarab gets a call. His PA says all transactons fizzled. Sarab says how could that be? Dad says I checked with the bank. Sarab is stunned.

Choti Sardarni 10 October 2019

Everybody is moving. Jagga moves. Kulwant says you wedded another lady? She hits Jagga. Where is Billo? I will hit her. Jagga says that is Billo. He focuses at the new vehicle. Amrita and Kulwant chuckle. Kulwant says Yuvi would be so glad to see this. Rana says he got a lottery. Jagga says Meher constantly needed a major vehicle for me. They move and celebrate. Kulwant says my children.

Dolly comes. She says what amount did this vehicle cost you? He says 2.5 crore for four trucks. What’s more, 3 crore for the vehicle. Sarab is there as well. Het gets a call from his PA. His PA says Meher did exchange of 25 crore. Meher gets a call from Sharma’s server. She says we will meet today. Sarab takes a gander at her.

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