Chandragupta Maurya 9 July 2019 Written Update: Amartya Rakshas brings villagers

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 9 July 2019 Written Update on

Chanakya discloses his arrangement to Chandragupta that Dhananand’s most grounded mainstays of help are his 6 siblings who are dealing with his every office and clarifying what Dhananand’s every sibling handles says on the off chance that they slaughter these 6, Dhananand will lose his capacity, at that point they can kick out Dhananand out of Pataliputra, however before that they have to hold up till Tarini gives them any strong data. Chandragupta chooses one sibling Rastrapal and says they will assault him first.

Amartya Rakshas brings townspeople who lauded Chandragupta and asks Dhananand for what reason did he request that he bring them here as opposed to executing them in their hovels. Dhananand says they hurt his self-image and he needs to see them dead before his eyes.

Chandragupta Maurya 9 July 2019

He arranges his companion Rastrapal to demonstrate the extraordinary weapon with which every one of the backstabbers will be executed. Locals argue him to save them. Dhananand snickers and requests that they call Chandragupta now and check whether he can spare them. Tarini comes to there and seeing individuals crying supposes she won’t let Dhananand slaughter any increasingly blameless individuals.

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