Chandragupta Maurya 24 June 2019 Written Update – Amartya Rakshas tells Dhananand

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Dhananand enthusiastically sits tight for Chandragupta close to Kuldev’s mandir and thinks once he sees Chandragupta, he will slaughter him. Chandragupta rides his steed towards Durdhara’s Kuldev’s mandir. He stops close the lake to have water and faculties somebody tailing him, supposes to achieve sanctuary soon. He gets back on his steed and rides towards the sanctuary.

Chandragupta Maurya 24 June 2019

Durdhara hangs tight for Chandragupta in sanctuary. Ambhi Kumar inquires as to whether they can go, Durdhara says she needs to invest some more energy in sanctuary and he can hold up outside. She strolls in and demands Pujari to give a message to an incredible warrior that his life is at risk. Pujari says he isn’t a detachment. She says he is an eventual fate of Bharath and is an extraordinary human and his name is.

Pujari says Chandragupta and turns. Durdhara is shocked and glad to see Chandragupta and asks how could he come here. He strolls to her and apologizes for sending her with her merciless sibling. She asks and. He says he needs to express his actual affections for her as he can’t conceal it any longer. Ambhi Kumar strolls in and strolls towards Chandragupta yelling he will deliver retribution.

Chandragupta Maurya 24 June 2019

Durdhara comes in the middle of and tells Ambhi Kumar that even he realizes that he can’t remain before Chandragupta notwithstanding for a moment, at that point he ought not to demonstrate his superfluous indignation. Ambhi Kumar says he has brought a blessing and calls performers. Chandragupta asks what is it. Ambhi Kumar says it is his and Durdhara’s marriage at the present time.

Chandragupta breaks hearing that and goes up against Durdhara. Durdhara thinks back Ambhi Kumar looking for her guarantee to wed him in the event that he persuades Dhananand to send her to Kuldev’s mandir. He sits for wedding customs with Durdhara. Dhananandd with his military reaches there and chuckles that today is tilchatta’s end. He requests fighters to execute Chandragupta. They assault Chandragupta and he battles with them, slaughtering them gradually.

Mura with Chanakya and others heads towards Piplivan advising she is feeling passionate to see Piplivan after such a significant number of years. She sees rationally unsteady Rajguru going by chuckling and calls him. He says past ruler kicked the bucket and future lord will likewise bite the dust soon. Mura gets stressed for Chandragupta and says her child is in threat.

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