Chandragupta Maurya 22 April 2019 Written Update – Martand Insists to see his Parents

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 22 April 2019 Written Update on

Martand educates Dhananand that he saw Chandragupta going towards pony stable and meeting his group and wanting to escape through mystery entryway, the ruler should reach there before they escape. Dhananand requests that he take him there soon. Martand demands to see his folks safe before demonstrating assuming him to mystery position. Dhananand says he thought little of him and focuses sword on his neck. Martand gets resolute to see his folks first. Dhananand requests to bring Martand’s folks soon.

On the opposite side, Chandra, Sthul, Baldev, and Indra walk by means of mystery way. In the hall, Amartya Rakshas demonstrates hirelings to Jagatjala and requests to distinguish Chandragupta and his group. He says none of them. Bhadrasaal rebuffs monitors for not distinguishing Chandragupta and his group. Kalgi on the opposite side goes about as not distinguishing Mura and Chanakya. Watchman comes and advises that the Lord looked for Kalgi right away. Kalgi and Jagatjala reach Dhananand. Martand candidly embraces his mom. Dhananand says Jagatjala that his child is acting over smart and he can slaughter him for that, yet will save him. Martand says as guaranteed he will indicate where Chandragupta and his group are.

Chandragupta Maurya 22 April 2019 Written Update

Chanakya, Indra, Baldev and Mura achieve a mystery chamber in which mystery burrow is available which will lead them to the wilderness. Chandragupta with Sthulbhadra comes to close to a tight entryway and strolling in asks Sthul to get in, however Sthul with his large body is unfit to go through. Chandragupta says he will proceed to open entryway from the opposite side, he can get in after that. Sthul sees officers coming and serves them cold water, they request sustenance and giggle saying if husky man ate all. Sthul gets an irate hearing that and incites them that he is Chandragupta’s correct hand man Sthulbhadra. Chandragupta turns out and slaughters warriors and takes Sthulbhadra in.

Martand conveys Dhananand to mystery chamber and shows Chandragupta and his group. Baldev reveals to Chanakya that he told Martand is untrustable. Chanakya says let us escape from here first and bounces into the passage with his group. Dhananand tails them. Baldev, Sthul, Indra, and Chanakya escape burrow. Chandragupta requests that his mom go out first and she demands him to go out first. Chanakya says he needs a future ruler to turn out first and requests to confide in him. Chandragupta turns out and asks Mura to hold his hand and turn out. A jaw clasp grasps Mura’s leg and she is caught. Chandragupta attempts to hop once more into the passage to spare his mom, however, Chanakya stops him and requests that he go while he spares Mura. Chandragupta leaves confiding in him. Chanakya closes burrow top.

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