Chandragupta Maurya 21 June 2019 Written Update – Durdhara Reaches Kuldev Temple

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Malayketu drones Chandragupta’s name and acclaims his fortitude. Chandragupta offers credit to acharya Chanakya and every one of the ladies in his life. Chanakya says it is Chandragupta’s great childhood that he regards ladies to such an extent. He gets a letter from 17 janpad bosses who all deny going to Malayketu’s crowning liturgy service. Chandragupta says it is Dhanand’s arrangement.

Chandragupta Maurya 21 June 2019

On the opposite side, Amartya rakshas illuminates Dhananand that according to his arrangement, each of the 17 janpad bosses denied to go to Malayketu’s crowning ordinance service and acclaims his insight. Dhannand says now he is understanding his lord a bit and requests that he proceed to prevent Durdhara from heading off to kuldev’s mandir. Durdhara leaves on her chariot towards Kuldev’s mandir when Amartya rakshas stops her.

Chandragupta with his group ventures and they quit seeing climatic change. Ambika goes ahead of her steed and educates that her covert operatives educated Durdhara was going towards kuldev’s mandir when Amartya rakshas halted her. Chanakya and Mura ask Chandragupta to proceed to meet Durdhara they realize he is feeling regretful for sending Durdhara with her sibling.

Chandragupta Maurya 21 June 2019

Chandragupta rides his pony towards sanctuary wanting to meet Durdhara and salvage her from Dhananand’s hold. On the opposite side, Ambhi Kumar offers to help Durdhara achieve kuldev’s sanctuary and even meet Chandragupta as the most likely is aware regardless she adores him. She asks by what method will he help to conflict with Dhananand.

He says he will proceed to look for Dhananand’s consent and strolling into Dhananand’s room demands him to let Durdhara go to Kuldev’s sanctuary and on the off chance that he does as such, his association with his sister will return to ordinary and she will begin regarding him once more. Dhananand licenses. Durdhara stowing away outside expectations Ambhi Kumar does not get into any inconvenience. Ambhi Kumar turns out and illuminates that ruler gave consent.

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