Chandragupta Maurya 2 April 2019 Written Update -Durgam Dugu Enters & Yells

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Chanakya inquires as to whether she got any data. Mura says Jagatjala is additionally pitiless like Dhananand and torments his significant other regularly. Chanakya says then she got an approach to enter Jagatjala’s castle. Mura trusts their arrangement succeeds. Chandragupta conveys Martand on his shoulders and runs. Martand says this is extreme course, he will be swarmed by bloodsuckers. Bloodsuckers invade Chandragupta and suck his blood. Chandragupta crosses the first obstacle, and Martand picks the first banner.

He asks Chandragupta for what good reason is helping him take a chance with his life. Chandragupta says he needs to see him win rivalry first. Slave illuminates Jagatjala that Martand has crossed the first obstacle first. Martand asks his sibling Durgam Dugu to bring his significant other, else individuals will joke on him. Martand’s significant other unfortunately sees her face damage into reflecting. Mura masked as slave educates that her significant other is calling her. The woman says she can’t go out with a blemish all over.

Mura gives her home grown glue which hides her imprint. Woman celebrates and asks who is she. Mura demonstrates her face and says she is only a lady. Durgam Dugu enters and shouts that sibling is calling and they men don’t have sufficient energy to watch lady’s excellence, so she can stop her cosmetics. He gets hypnotized with Mura’s magnificence and asks who is she, she doesn’t have slave identification. Woman hands over bade quietly to Mura and say she is her own slave and takes Mura along.

Martand with Chandragupta comes to close next obstacle. Chandragupta requests that he cross dith holding rope. Martand says he can’t and will stroll on discard itself and gets caught landslide. Opponents insult Martand that he needs to end up boss, however, he is exceptionally inept. They cross discard holding a rope. Martand argues Chandragupta to spare him. Chandragupta tosses rope and protects him.

They cross second obstacle and see a pony from chariot is absent. Martand gets strained and asks by what means will he win now. In steed stable, a steed gains out of power. Chanakya gives Indra a herb and requests that he give 2 leaves to a horse. Indra offers herb to stableman and requests that he give 2 leaves to a horse. Pony quiets down eating herb. Stableman is entertained and procures Indra as his associate giving him identification.

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