Chandragupta Maurya 19 June 2019 Written Update – Seleucus say he will return

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Chanakya demonstrates Jacob sitting alone on a seat and inquires as to whether he recognizes what he ought to do now. Chandragupta says they will kick out outsiders from Bharath. Chanakya then flags Ambika who strolls to her dad Vimaldev and says she felt awful observing what Macedonians did. Vimaldev says even he felt terrible and requests that her arrival home.

Chandragupta Maurya 19 June 2019

Chandragupta strolls to Jacob and offering his alcohol says they ought to overlook their past and be companions now as they are no equivalent side. Jacob acknowledges alcohol glass. Chandragupta then flag Ambika and reveals to Jacob that senapati Vimaldev’s daughter is gazing at him. Jacob strolls towards her and attempts to get her. She slaps him.

Malayketu is given illustrious shower. Sthul noisily adulates Seleucus for making Malayketu as ruler. Philip exhaust hearing that and strolls. Chanakya conflicts with her and says he will bring prescription for Seleucus as Jacob had harmed him the previous evening. Philip furiously chooses to murder Malayketu and deliver Seleucus’ retribution. Jacob chooses to attack Ambika, pursues and gets her. Sthul with Mura enters and punches Jacob.

Seleucus begins Malayketu’s crowning celebration service. Philip supposes he will murder Malayketu and demonstrate his steadfastness towards Seleucus. He assaults Malayketu, however Chandragupta shields Malayketu and kicks Philip down.

He cautions how dare Philip is to assault future Pourav rastra ruler, he ought to be rebuffed. Philip says he can’t see a trickster being coronated by ruler Seleucus. Sthul tosses oblivious Jacob before Seleucus. Ambika strolls in harmed. Mura inquires as to whether Jacob attempted to attack her. Ambika says yes.

Chandragupta incites Pourav rastra and Takshahila officers saying this is Macedonian warriors’ actual face, they need to demolish our pride, so we as a whole ought to join together and restrict these outsiders and show them out of Bharath. Vimaldev backs Chandragupta

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