Chandragupta Maurya 18 June 2019 Written Update – Chanakya tells Chandragupta

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 18 June 2019 Written Update on

Seleucus thinks back Pourav rastra individuals’ affection for Malayketu and extras him. Chandragupta inquires as to for what reason did he save a double crosser. Seleucus says Malayketu is moronic and he needs an idiotic lord on Pourav rastra’s position of authority who can be his manikin, requests to make courses of action of Malakyetu’s crowning ritual function.

Chandragupta supposes he and Chanakya needed same. Malakyetu meets Chanakya. Chanakya discloses his arrangement to Malakyetu and his entire group. Chandragupta proceeds with his clarification and asks Ambika to make Takshashila officers sit with Seleucus’ troopers during Malayketu’s crowning liturgy service and afterward uncovers rest of his arrangement.

Chandragupta Maurya 18 June 2019

Ambhi Kumar strolls to Durdhara’s room and attempts to contact her. She stands up to. He thinks back Dhananand telling he realizes he loathes Durdhara after she dismissed him, however he should go about as still in her adoration. He communicates his adoration for her and requests that her rest while he fans her.

Visitors begin coming in for Malayketu’s crowning ordinance function. Ambika makes her dad senapati and other Takshashila troopers sit on Macedonian warriors’ seats. Mura serves them alcohol. Senapati inquires as to whether she is Piplivan’s ruler. Mura acts and says she is Piplivan ruler and Macedonian senapati and his group need her to serve alcohol like a house keeper.

Philip enters and exhaust seeing Takshashila warriors sitting on his seat and yells at them to escape his seat. Senapati stands up to. Chandragupta meddles and says Philip that he will give situate beside Seleucus. Philip hollers that Bharatis are their slaves and are fit to be under their feet. Seleucus reveals to Chanakya that Philip is touchy and makes ruin. Chanakya supposes the time has come to kick out Seleucus and his military from Bharath soon.

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