Chandragupta Maurya 14 June 2019 Written Update – Dhananand tells Durdhara

Written Update: Chandragupta Maurya 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Chandragupta kicks him down and pushes ahead tossing Dhananand down from the chariot. Dhananand incites him that he can’t execute him as his sister Durdhara is securing him demonstrating Durdhara’s blade. Chandragupta trusts him, yet escapes from that point with Durdhara. On the opposite side, Ambhi Kumar attempts to wound Malayketu from behind.

Rudradev shields Malayketu and says double-crossing is in Ambhi Kumar’s blood as his dad Ambhi Raj deceived lord Puru, yet he won’t let that happen this time. He assaults Ambhi Kumar, however, the officer comes in the middle. Ambhi Kumar escapes with his military. Rudradev celebrates Pourav rastra’s success and serenades ruler Malayketu ki jai.

Chandragupta Maurya 14 June 2019

Chandragupta drops Durdhara in the wilderness and cautions not to pursue her. She argues to take her along and trust her. He says she has lost his trust. She sees Dhananand and Amartya rakshas close-by and keeps arguing Chandragupta to take her along. Dhan and tells Amartya rakshas that her sister will go with him. Sthul celebrates triumph with Mura and moves depicting how Dhananand is compelled to keep running back to Magadh.

Chanakya enters and cautions him not to celebrate before the real triumph. He says he detects a major up and coming issue and leaves his lair. Senapati Rudradev praises triumph with his military. Seleucus observes quietly with is an armed force. His Senapati Philip inquires as to whether he should close their mouths. Seleucus says no and sees what he will do now. He strolls to Rudradev who expresses gratitude toward him for his help.

Chandragupta Maurya 14 June 2019

Seleucus says even Rudradev needs an extraordinary blessing and wounds him in his chest saying just rulers battle and not Senapati, he ought to have taken his authorization before taking an interest in any fight and he doesn’t care for anybody’s obstruction, this is the discipline for his error. Rudradev falls dead. Chanakya with Mura and Sthul comes to there and stands stunned. Chandragupta pulls his sword, however, Chanakya signals him to stop. Malayketu and his group grieve for Rudradev’s passing.

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