Brahmarakshas 20 Dec 2020, episode written update!

Written Update: Brahmarakshas 20 Dec 2020, episode written update.

Brahmarakshas advises his better half that he needs to persuade Kalindi that he will discover his folks’ killer and will win her trust. He says she is mine. He tells them that he will be laid a snare for her, so she will never become more acquainted with that she has happened to brahmarakshas. Kalindi is strolling and going to the wilderness.

Brahmarakshas comes in his symbol, yet some way or another figures out how to quiet himself. Kalindi comes there. Brahmarakshas inquires as to for what reason did you wear red shading saree? She advises that she came to realize that brahmarakshas chase for the ladies wearing red shading garments. Sid comes there. Vardhaan/brahmarakshas evaporate from that point.

Sid says you came here and attempted to censure my picture. He asks who will save you. She says who realizes that rakshas will save me from rakshas like you. Sid asks who will save you from me, you will have the wedding night, not with that person, but rather with me. All of a sudden brahmarakshas comes there and holds Sid’s neck.

At that point makes he tumble down on the ground. Kalindi yells seeing him and rushes to the sanctuary. Brahmarakshas couldn’t enter the sanctuary. Kalindi’s dad’s words are repeated in the sanctuary. Brahmarakshas gets disappointed and slaughters a man out and about. A person comes hurrying to Pandit ji’s child and tells about brahmarakshas chasing individuals on street.

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