Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2017

No one can ignore the sad side of Bollywood industry which look likes so beautiful. Every person have to die, no one can ignore this truth but some young age deaths can shock everyone. Here is the list of Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2017, they died in young age. In celebrity news section, you may find all latest news from Hollywood, Bollywood & Lollywood, don’t miss Tom Alter death news.

Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2017
Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2017

Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2017

  1. Inder Kumar: He has worked in Bollywood & south Indian movies and died on 28th July 2017 and his death cause was Cardiac Arrest as per media reports. He died in young age and his death news shocked everyone in Bollywood and Lollywood as well.
  2. Sonika Chauhan: Sonika best known as beautiful actress in Bollywood Industry and she died on 29th April 2017 due to car accident. She also died on very younger age as well.
  3. Vinod Khanna: One of the most famous Bollywood Actor of 80s & 90s and have won too many national and international awards for his amazing acting skills. He died on 27th April 2017 due to Cancer decease.
  4. Rekha Sindhu: Rekha is also know for her cuteness and beauty in Bollywood and she also died due to car accident on 5th May 2017.
  5. Om Puri: World most famous versatile actor Om Puri died on 6th January 2017. Indian media confirmed his death cause Heart Attack.
  6. Bidisha Bezbaruah: Bidisha died on 18th July 2017, Indian media confirmed that Bidisha commits suicide due to her mental tensions and personal issues.
  7. Reema Lagoo: Everyone favorite actress Reema Lagoo also died on 18th May 2017 due to hearth Attack. She has worked in too many most famous Indian movies with great actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan.
  8. Pradeep Kumar: Pradeep Died on 9th May 2017 and Indian media confirmed his death cause a Suicide. Pradeep was too upset due to her personal issues with girl family as per media reports.
  9. AM Rit Pal: Sir AM Rit Pal died on 19 June 2017 as per media confirms this news. He died due to his poor healthy condition and age factor as well.

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