Bigg Boss 3 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Arti Gets Emotional?

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Bigg Boss says Dalljiet and Mahira will treat stomach issues so they will cause patients to eat. They pick Siddharth D and Koena and carry them to the activity room. They discover aloe vera and make Siddharth D eat it. They cause them to eat herbs and eggs. Mahira asks Koena to eat quick. She says I will eat as I need. Abu says you can’t forcibly feed them.

Dalljiet says we are carrying out our responsibility. Mahira makes Koena drink Tabasco sauce. Shehnaaz approaches Siddharth D to get up for a kiss. Koena asks Mahira to not forcibly feed, she isn’t a creature. Shehnaaz says Siddharth D isn’t what she thought. Mahira says we can cause them to eat what we need? They cause them to eat salt.

Shehnaaz carries egg with hair expulsion cream. Koena says what? I can’t eat it. Mahira says it’s simply salt. Siddharth D says don’t make us bite the dust. Koena says they couldn’t care less. Koena hurls. Shehnaaz says to cause them to eat their regurgitation. Koena says I didn’t know Mahira was so heartless. Dalljiet says we need to cause them to eat with our hands. Abu says you can’t. Mahira offers water to Koena and requests that her beverage quick. Siddharth S cheers for them. Lights go off and Koena, Siddharth D wins the round.

Bigg Boss 3 October 2019 Episode

Shefali and Shehnaaz become therapeutic staff and they need to treat ear issues with their discussion. They pick Rashami and Arti. Shefali says we will go individual. Shehnaaz yells at Rashami that you think you are generally excellent? She yells at Arti that you think you are a big name? Shefali says you blew up when I remarked on you and Siddharth S?

Shehnaaz says Paras is my companion, not yours. Shefali asks Arti that individuals need to realize what occurred with her and Siddharth S? Your marriage was broken, correct? You are attempting to make a story with Siddharth S. For what reason did your marriage break? All look on when she discusses her marriage. Shefali says don’t disclose to me I said this when we leave from here as then it will be film for you. Shehnaaz says Rashami is old however she simply needs to do the kitchen.

Shefali says she is only 14 years of age. Arti starts crying. Shefali says Rashami has worked so much however you are developing in weight just, not in tallness. Shehnaaz says talk in the event that you have guts. Shehnaaz imitates Arti crying. Shefali says Arti you can get up on the off chance that you can’t shoulder it. Shehnaaz says please get up. She thrashes herself and says request that they get up, I cherish Rashami, on the off chance that she adores me, at that point she will get up. Rashami says I have colleagues, I cherish you a great deal however I can’t get up. Lights go off. Arti and Rashami win. Arti cries. Dalljiet embraces her and says you realize they did it in a game. Shehnaaz embraces Arti and says sorry to learn.

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