Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Anu on call with meenal

Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Anu crying says the individual who stole my adornments will decay in heck, Vibhu says infant quit reviling I burglarized your gems, Anu hollers at vibhu and says my significant other is a hoodlum, Vibhu says quietly down once in delegated lord you will be stacked with cash and jewellery. Anu gets energized. Tiwari goes to god to stop his crowning ritual, Angoori says why so cynicism, Tiwari says I cannot envision that situation, Angoori says quit imaging, at any rate dont, get into enmity with royals, its an exhortation.

Saxena declares to everybody the crowning celebration of Vibhu, all cheer, tiwari affronts, Angoori says I have an inquiry, Prem says me as well, which will be first great job you will do, vibhu says boycott individuals like you, mahamantri gets a call and he reports that vibhu isn’t the genuine sovereign, we have discovered the genuine one the poor person in sanctuary is the genuine ruler and not you,your imprint is phony one, your mom had made that deliberately with the goal that you could be the lord.

Anu extremely furious, vibhu says child I realize you are harmed, Anu says in light of you I generally observe disappointment and misfortune where is my gems, get it, Vibhu says I offered it, it’s difficult to get it, anu says so is your accommodation here, get lost. Vibhu upset in patio, says god for what reason do you generally make an appearance with me, Tiwari hears Vibhu cry and stroll to him, he signs young men playing a game of cards, and shows them Vibhu crying,Tiwari says young men do you hear pooch crying and all snicker.

vibhu slaps boys, boys keep teasing, hapu giggling strolls to them, vibhu says request that they leave, hapu says I have recently obtained some adornments from a fraud,see on the off chance that it has yours,vibhu gets energized and calls anu. Vibhu early morning strolls to Angoori, Angoori says im so disturbed you weren’t coronated, saxena strolls to them and says what did I get of all the administration I gave you, Vibhu slaps him, saxena slaps him. Anu accessible as needs be with meenal says thank god I found my jewellery,vibhu comes moarning and says I have gas issue please help, Anu says dont stress and gets him Gas o quick.

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