Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan – Buyer’s Guide

Fashion & Beauty: The word “fashion” is quite famous in the young generation, especially in 18 to 30 years females. We are talking about fair color complexation in Pakistan, almost 40 to 60 percent of people have brownish colors which are called fair color. What are the Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan? here is a list of top bleach creams which is surely blown your mind. The article will cover all major sections like bleach cream’s brand name, how to use bleach cream, their side effects on the skin.

Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan

This list is especially for people living in Pakistan and all shared below creams are available in the market. You may buy it from the local market or from reliable online selling networks like and many more. The list is managed & arranged with respect to cream advantages, their market price value and side effects issues.

[infobox color=”#d33633″]1 – Jolen Bleach Cream[/infobox]

Jolen is a U.S.A company brand and here in Pakistan, this is one of the reliable bleach creams for ladies. The price of Jolen Bleach Cream is affordable and it has 28-gram packing in a plastic box. Jolen Bleach Cream is a premium one and has effective results within a short period of time.

Jolen Bleach Cream
Jolen Bleach Cream


  • Effective Results.
  • Less Time to prepare.
  • An easy method to prepare.
  • Low Price.


  • Have some side effects.
  • Short time results.
  • It can cause an allergy to skin.

If you have some questions & suggestions related to this bleach cream then read the full product description on the box or contact their manufacturer. Don’t forget to remove make after wedding events and Bioderma Sensibio is the best option, check everything first.

[infobox color=”#d33633″]2 – Blesso Bleach Cream[/infobox]

Blesso is one of the famous cosmetics brands in Pakistan and it has thousands of user’s due to her amazing & effective results. their price range is normal and results are also good. Face bleaching has become a common and famous method to get an instant glow in a short period of time.

Blesso Bleach Cream
Blesso Bleach Cream


  • Cheap Price.
  • Good results.
  • An easy method to use.
  • Instantly prepared.
  • Instant Glow.


  • Have side effects.
  • Irritate or allergy.
  • Dangerous for eye contact.

Before going to use Blesso Bleach Cream, you have to read the product preparation method and its precautions as well. All information is available at the box of Blesso Bleach box.

[infobox color=”#d33633″]3 – Insta Glow Diamond Bleach[/infobox]

Well, this product has amazing positive reviews on which is one of the famous and reliable online buying selling products networks in Pakistan. As per their product description, this is an Indian original product and have the most effective and very positive results within a short period of time.

Insta Glow Diamond Bleach
Insta Glow Diamond Bleach


  • Long-Lasting results.
  • Instant Glow.
  • Top-quality brand.
  • Normal Price.


  • Side effects.
  • It can irritate or allergy.

Cautions: Before going to use it, you must read their directions to use which are clearly written on the box of Insta Glow Diamond Bleach. This is an Indian company VLCC brand, if you have some complaints or suggestions about this, then contact their local dealers around the world.

[infobox color=”#d33633″]4 – Dr.Derma Whitening Cream Bleach[/infobox]

At the list of “Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan”, this amazing cream is placed at 4th position. This is a She Cosmetic brand and has very positive comments/reviews at this product. 90% of customers have shared their positive thoughts, that’s why this cream is included in my list. This is also available at DAZAR, you can buy it.

Dr.Derma Whitening Cream Bleach
Dr.Derma Whitening Cream Bleach


  • Good Customer Ratings.
  • Gentle & Fast.
  • Consistent Results every time.
  • Lightens unwanted hair.


  • Local Brand.
  • Have Side Effects.
  • Can impact on thin skin
  • Price: 455/-

She Cosmetics Store is a local brand of Pakistan. For any kind of discussion about product quality, here is their Address: Al-Madina Road, Sector B-1 Block 12 Sector B 1 Township, Lahore, Punjab 54770, Pakistan.

[infobox color=”#d33633″]5 – Golden Girl Bleach Cream[/infobox]

This is one of the famous bleach creams in Pakistan and easily available in the local market’s & online stores as well. Due to average ratings of “Golden Girl Bleach Cream” on Daraz and other online networks, I have placed it at 5th position. Its price is normal, just in 85/- rupees with 33% off, the original rate is 125/-.

Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan
Best Bleach Creams in Pakistan


  • Lightens Excess Dark Hair.
  • Anti-Aging Cream.
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Useful for skin & body.
  • Skin treatment.


  • Very poor ratings on Daraz 3.5/5 which is not good.
  • No product Warranty.
  • Have side effects.
  • Can irritate.

Due to the technical and packing department, a few customers have received low weight packing, that’s why its ratings on Daraz is poor. No complaint received regarding its results. Their brand name is Soft Touch, you can contact them to a discussion about this product.

There are many products are available in the local market of Pakistan, you have to read the product description for better and effective results with bleaching. Usage & precautions are mentions at the bottom or side of the box.

Bottom Line:

If you have any skin problems or skin allergy then don’t use any whitening cream or bleaching cream. Simple is that, contact with your skin specialist and discuss your skin issue. Try to use your physician recommended bleach cream. Local creams are not medicated.

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