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The arrangement spins around two star-crossed sweethearts Raghbir and Bani who cherish each other interminably yet predetermination brings them separated as Bani bites the dust in a mishap. Before long predetermination brings Pragati in Ranbir’s life.

The story starts with Raghbir being miserable and missing Bani on his wedding to his cherished companion Misha. He continues getting a bad dream of Bani’s mishap where she had tumbled off a bluff. Sukanya, the girl of a rich businessperson, guarantees that Raghbir wedded her in London.

Despite the fact that Raghbir denies, the marriage is dropped. In the interim, Pragati, a youthful bubbly young lady works for Raghbir. Therefore, Raghbir attempts to discover Sukanya’s reality with Pragati’s assistance.

Bepanah Pyaar Cast:

  • Pearl V Puri as Raghbir Malhotra
  • Aparna Dixit as Bani Raghbir Malhotra
  • Ishita Dutta as Pragati Raghbir Malhotra

Story and Screen Play?

Raghbir goes to Sukaniya’s stay with Pragati. He turns on lights and glances around. Pragati says she is lying. Raghbir says however we don’t have proofs. Pragati says we should check her office. He attempts to open her entryway yet its bolted and card lapsed. In gathering, security gatekeeper gets the message from the blocked passage machine and tells it to Sukaniya.

Raghbir asks Pragati to cover up outside the window. He lifts her and puts her outside window sill. Sukaniya comes in the room and sees Raghbir, she says you prevent us in front from securing everything except go to my room this way? this isn’t London where you can deny me. Raghbir says shut up, you are nothing to me, my life and spouse was Bani, I was in injury in most recent 3 years.

Sukaniya says I was with you for a half year, you were smashed each night, I was with you to make you rest, eat and even wipe your retches, I remember everything, I tuned in to your anecdotes about Bani, we giggled and cried together, I made you leave liquor, I brought you out of that injury, you even said that you adore me. Flashback indicates how Raghbir was tanked. Sukaniya causes him.

Raghbir says why you help me to such an extent? Don’t recognize what befell me. Flashback closes. Sukaniya says then you left me one day and said you cannot do this? Pragati covers up outside the window and says the two of them appear to tell truth. Raghbir says to Sukaniya that decent story however you are lying, we didn’t have an illicit relationship. Sukaniya attempts to stop him however they tumble down on the bed. Raghbir pushes her away and says avoid me. He leaves.

Baljit and Misha’s family goes to Devraj’s home. Raghbir feigns exacerbation seeing them. They all sit together. Beeji asks Misha what is her choice? She goes to Raghbir and says I cannot leave him, I will do this marriage, she embraces him and inquires as to whether he is furious? He says why? for your eyes or not saying no? She chuckles and says I am upset for questioning you against that Sukaniya.

Sukaniya’s administrator comes there and demonstrates Raghbir and Sukaniya’s photographs on the bed together. Rai Singhania calls Devraj and says he says he doesn’t have a connection with a little girl yet do you see photographs? He finishes the call.

Raghbir sees the photograph and says they don’t have great lighting. Raghbir’s sibling inquires as to why he went to their home? Raghbir says to discover proofs against her. He believes that she substantiated herself directly before I could refute her, why she is doing this?

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