Bepanah Pyaar 5 July 2019 Written Update – Daughter in law’s Death??

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 5 July 2019 Written Update on

Raghbir gets Pragati and inquires as to why she was lying in the greenhouse? Family comes there and asks how she came here? Pragati supposes I cannot tell truth or else they will question me, she says I got tipsy and tumbled down. All chasten her and request that her fare thee well. Dev’s family goes to Priya’s home for haven. His mom advises cleric to begin havan, all of a sudden overwhelming breezes blow.

Raghbir brings Pragati to the room and says I will apply balm on your injury, she shouts. He says let me do it. Raghbir begins keeping an eye on her injury. Pragati gazes at him. Sathya plays. Pragati reviews her minutes with him. Raghbir blows on her brow wound and puts gauze on it. He says it’s done. She expresses gratitude toward him. Raghbir says what was the deal? I realize you tumbled from the window yet how? Did you drink and fell?

Bepanah Pyaar 5 July 2019

Pragati says I didn’t drink however I fell as a result of you, I am attempting to reveal to you something. Bhabhi comes there and approaches Pragati to prepare for havan. She leaves. Pragati approaches in the event that he isn’t seeking pooja? Raghbir reviews how he guaranteed Bani that he will never sit in pooja on the off chance that he doesn’t do pooja with her when they return and, at that point, she kicked the bucket. He says I am not coming.

Aditi says to Mama that pooja can acquire something awful house. Pragati comes there and reviews Prashant’s words that they don’t do pooja. The family sits in havan, overwhelming breezes are blowing. All are strained. Cleric attempt to light the fire in haven, all come nearer to cover it. Abruptly fire begins, all sit back. Bua says we can do pooja some other day, Dev’s mom says that is a bad sign.

Raghbir is smashed and comes outside the bolted room. He sees lock open and goes in the cellar. He sings “kiya hua tera waada”. Does he say where are you Bani? I guaranteed you to not do pooja, they cannot bring you back so it’s pointless. You give me harmony, I simply need you. He says no one thinks about me, please rebound, I cannot live without you. Bani’s spirit enters there.

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