Bepanah Pyaar 3 June 2019 Epi 1 Written Update – He takes Mangalsutra Randomly

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 3 June 2019 Epi 1 Written Update on

Raghbir plays kia hua tera waada and says to Bani that I adore this melody. Bani says I cherish this spot. She comes up short on house into snow. Raghbir says Bani tunes in. he goes behind her however Bani continues running and goes the close edge of the slope. He says to be cautious. Bani loses parity and tumbles down. He keeps running behind her. Raghbir awakens in his room.

Does family prod him about his identity shouting to? Raghbir looks on. Mother says that today is your wedding so prepare. Nakul (his sibling) says that I will move in his wedding. Father says he will ridicule himself. Director says the press needs to meet most qualified lone ranger getting hitched. Raghbir says request that they get lost. Raghbir calls Misha and requests documents. Misha says we are getting hitched, would you be able to envision? He says I cant. He closures call. Devraj says she is a decent young lady.

Bepanah Pyaar 3 June 2019 Epi 1

Raghbir says I don’t have time and she realizes that that is the reason I am wedding her. Beeji comes there and inquires as to whether he is glad? He says I cannot lie. He leaves. Raghbir’s uncle and auntie battle. Raghbir goes to his room and tunes in to kia hua tera waada. He is shocked. Misha prepares for the wedding and says I am eating less junk food for quite a long time, everybody will be there at our wedding. Raghbir sees red marriage dress and reviews flashbacks. His senior sibling comes there and says don’t be this way, be cheerful.

Raghbir says I don’t care. His mom comes there and says many individuals are coming, proceed to pick mangalsutra for Misha. Raghbir feels that they request that I grin however in the event that they see inside my heart, at that point they will know my agony. Raghbir prepares and endeavors to grin yet hears Bani saying that she began to look all starry eyed at his adorable grin. He supposes individuals state another life begins after marriage yet I am kicking the bucket at my very own wedding. He takes mangalsutra arbitrarily.

Raghbir’s sibling reveals to him that its been 3 years proceed onward. Raghbir supposes I hear Bani’s voice just in this clamor. He supposes no one can remove that. Raghbir’s baraat makes automobile overload on the street. Pragati comes to the traffic cop and says dad please released them, they are my supervisor, this is my first employment. He says alright and let them go. Chief expresses gratitude toward Pragati for helping them.

Bepanah Pyaar 3 June 2019 Epi 1

Raghbir believes that there is no young lady in my life that can make overlook her. His pony gets jumpy however Pragati comes there and quiets steed down. Raghnir looks on and asks who is she? Director says, an office worker. Raghbir comes to the scene. Misha embraces him and goes to the mandap with him. Raghbir reviews Bani’s words that wear white sherwani on his wedding when no one comprehends them then simply close his eyes and review her, she says I am dependable with you.

The wedding begins, however, some lady Sukaniya Rai enters the wedding. One young lady says she is a little girl of UK’s greatest representative. Pragati attempts to stop her. Does Misha say Sukaniya in our wedding? stunning. Sukaniya begins singing kia hua tera waada. Raghbir looks on. Sukaniya begins crying. Individuals tattle on the off chance that they have an unsanctioned romance.

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