Bepanah Pyaar 3 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Devraj tells family that Pragati

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Raghbir is going to bounce in tub with current streaming yet Pragati breaks entryway and hurries to him, she pushes him away. Raghbir says Bani. where were you? Pragati says I am not Bani, I am Pragati, what’s happening with you? He says leave. Prgati says no, I came to spare you on the wedding day, I am still here, all need to spare you, if it’s not too much trouble end this, everybody needs you to live, they all affection you, your Beeji, father, maa, kin, me. they will pass on without you, dont do this, I am arguing you. She cries in front of him.

In capacity, all are hanging tight for Priya. Priya comes there however is seeing her telephone always. She sits with her life partner. Her mom takes the telephone from her. The state let us begin service, Raghbir will come. Harshi discloses to Aditi that Pragati will bring Raghbir.

Bepanah Pyaar 3 July 2019 Episode

Pragati brings Raghbir out of the washroom and says I am upset for shouting at you, consider family, its significant day for Priya. She brings emergency treatment box and gives him drug. Tum se karun plays. Raghbir reviews Bani tumbling from bluff. Pragati brings his shirt and requests that he prepare. mahiya plays. Pragati sees him not moving and says please sir.. prepare. He doesn’t tune in. Pragati removes his coat and makes him wear new shirt and tie. Raghbir says Bani used to do this, sawere plays. He takes a tie and leaves.

Priya and husband to represent commitment. Does Priya say where is Akshay? Pragati says to Raghbir that I am upset for driving you yet I don’t need a battle, I know how you feel. Raghbir says you dont, it’s not possible for anyone to comprehend my affection, I don’t need anything in life now, I didn’t bite the dust today so I will live in my style today.

Bepanah Pyaar 3 July 2019 Episode

Commitment function begins. Priya trade rings with the man of the hour. All applaud them. A visitor asks where is Raghbir? Raghbir comes there and plays dhol, he says a sibling is dependably there for sister. He plays dhol and moves on Jogi Mahi. He is in torment yet continues moving. Pragati comes there and is dismal to see him like that. Raghbir makes all relatives move and leaves.

He breaks glass in his grasp reviewing Bani. Harshit embraces him. Raghbir proceeds to bring Pragati, he moves around her however she stops him. Harshit asks how is he? Raghbir says so imagine a scenario in which my significant other passed on today. they are elderly folks individuals, we ought to celebrate for new individuals, I am upbeat for Priya. He continues moving. Priya takes her telephone and leaves. Pragati goes behind her.

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