Bepanah Pyaar 28 June 2019 Written Update – Pragati looks on

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 28 June 2019 Written Update on

Pragati discloses to Raghbir that he can join business again to overlook his past. Raghbir yells at her that who said I need to overlook my past? my past was Bani and she is my life. Dont attempt to be my better half, it’s not possible for anyone to resemble my Bani, dont wear her saree again and disregard me, he leaves. Aditi reveals to Mama that she has discovered proposition for Priya, he is CA and rich, she leaves. Bua tells Mama and Mami that she will be glad there.

Pragati sees Priya crying and asks what was the deal? Priya says doesnt concern you and leaves. Pragati is dozing in her room when she hears somebody. She sees a shadow outside room and goes to check yet doesnt discover anybody. She hears somebody shrieking baggage on floor. She begins following however Aditi comes there. Pragati says I saw somebody.. Devraj inquires

what was the deal? Pragati says I saw a shadow. Aditi says you see something regular. Pragati says trust me, I saw somebody with a gear. Aditi is stunned and reviews flashback how Bani and Raghbir were going out. She brought her printed bag and says I adore it. Flashback closes. Aditi says it must be nothing, they hear a clamor. Pragati says see? gives up and check. Pragati goes in cellar and glances around. She sees a shadow tossing bag at her, she is stunned.

Raghbir gets alcoholic and says wish she didnt leave me.. I miss you Bani. He drinks more and reviews flashback how Bani said that we are going on get-aways? She conceals something in gear. Raghbir attempts to check however she doesnt let him. Later police reveals to Raghbir that they couldnt discover Bani’s body in wilderness after she tumbled from precipice.

All relatives come in storm cellar. Pragati says I saw Bani’s shadow. Take a gander at this bag, I saw Bani, there is something there. Bua says you are daydreaming, quiet down, this bag is unfilled. Harshit requests that her quiet down and rest. Pragati is strained and says I heard something so I woke up yet you individuals are conscious at 2AM? why? Aditi frowns at her. Pragati says sorry, I shouldnt question, she leaves.

Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room and sees him fallen on floor and twisted on his head. She hurries to him and wipes his injury. She reviews how he said to not be his significant other. She wraps his injury, saathiya plays. She places him in bed. Raghbir mumbles Bani.. Pragati says you both adore each other so much that Bani is here as well.. on the off chance that its Bani’s spirit however for what reason do I see her? I thought somebody needs to alarm me in this house however its a spirit.

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