Bepanah Pyaar 25 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Harshit Comes to Home Today?

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 25 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Pragati takes his name and lays her head on his chest. If you don’t mind waking up Raghbir. She yells for assistance. She goes out too. Firefighters come there with a flame quencher and soak the flame. They wheel out Raghbir and Pragati from the room. Doc has given an infusion to Pragati. Them two have ordinary wounds. They will be fine. He hands over the remedy to Nakul. Nakul illuminates his family. Harshit is unsettled to hear it. Nakul will remain at the clinic. Badi Ma additionally chooses to remain back.

Scene# 1

Harshit too needs to remain however Badi Ma encourages him to be with Tina and Parth. Everybody approaches their work. Harshit thinks about what Pragati is made of that she isn’t biting the dust! Pragati awakens with a beginning as the occurrence replays in her brain. She needs to see Raghbir yet doc encourages her to rest. He is fine. Pragati goes to see Raghbir once doc and medical attendants leave. She thinks about Raghbir’s admission and grins. Nazm plays out of sight as Pragati takes a gander at Raghbir.

Scene# 2

She holds his hand. A tear gets away from her eye. She cups his face and kisses him all over his face. I am so sorry Raghbir. I can’t reveal to you how happy I am subsequent to knowing the reality. Every one of the false impressions is presently clear. I needed to uncover the offender and trusted that I ought to be refuted some way or another. I am both furious and happy. I got you back, Raghbir. It would be ideal if you wake up. Converse with me. If it’s not too much trouble Raghbir. She lays her head on his chest for a minute and afterward continues mentioning him to wake up.

Scene# 3

Raghbir opens his eyes. She is euphoric. He is perplexed to see their garments. What are we doing here? He sees her injury. What befell you? She says it is what should occur. I was exceptionally befuddled till the previous evening yet everything is clear. He is confused. What was the deal? I don’t recollect that anything. Badi Ma, Devraj and Nakul come there too. Badi Ma sits beside Raghbir. Say thanks to God you are fine. Nakul says our sibling is a warrior. Raghbir asks him what happened the previous evening.

Scene# 4

Nakul lets him know everything in detail. You generally become a saint by sparing Bhabhi yet she turned into a courageous woman this time! He asks Pragati what makes her so brave. So pleased with you. Raghbir says she eats medications of idiocy each morning. She is a trick. He questions Pragati. Devraj reproves him from not being grateful to Pragati. Raghbir says thanks to Pragati snidely. Everybody steps out upon his solicitation. Badi Ma advises Pragati to deal with herself. Try not to stress over him. Nakul offers to remain with Bhai. Badi Ma and Devraj head home.

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