Bepanah Pyaar 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Raghbir & Pragati comes in basement

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Raghbir asks Pragati to not wear that saree. He causes her to sit in vehicle and says you are worried about seizing? Pragati says I was concerned for you too as you were tanked and driving. Raghbir asks who were they? Pragati supposes I cannot let him know. Raghbir inquires as to for what reason would you say you were in house? Pragati says you brought me here possibly to inspire me. Raghbir takes a gander at her saree and reviews Bani. He says you shouldnt come anyplace I call you, it was perilous. I am heartbroken.

Bepanah Pyaar 24 June 2019

Pragati says sorry isn’t significant, correcting is significant. Raghbir brings Pragati home and says don’t wear this saree once more, the two of them come in house. Aditi says where were you both throughout the night? we were stressed. Raghbir says we went on lengthy drive, he asks Pragati to proceed to rest. Pragati leaves. Raghbir says call Akshay and his family to meet, he leaves.

Pragati reviews specialist’s words. Shifali comes there and asks what was the deal? did it work? Pragati says he didnt like my saree however I will continue attempting. Raghbir comes to Priya and says you appear to be miserable? I was thinking to meet Akshay however you don’t appear him. Priya says truly? She gets glad and says thank you, you are pleasant along these lines. He says I drink a great deal, sorry.

Priya says you can transform it, Raghbir reviews how Pragati said the same thing and says we will meet Akshay, Priya embraces him. Pragati sees it and grins. Raghbir comes to Pragati and says Akshay’s family is coming so you be there as well, we should resemble a family, she says beyond any doubt. He leaves. Pragati grins.

Bepanah Pyaar 24 June 2019

Raghbir comes to relax and request everything. Aditi says all courses of action are finished. Raghbir gets some information about endowments and nourishment. Devraj says this Raghbir is decent. Chachi says it would be decent he doesnt drink today. Raghbir leaves from that point. Raghbir goes to his room and opens wine bottle, he says no.. not today, everything must be flawless, everybody will be there, I need to center. He shrouds all success bottles.

During the evening, Raghbir prepares in tuxedo and reviews flashback in which Bani reveals to Raghbir that he looks pleasant, hot and attractive in formal, Raghbir says so I will continue wearing it constantly, flashback closes. Raghbir says I need to center, I guaranteed Priya.

Raghbir comes in parlor, all are there with visitors. Raghbir meets Akshay’s family, they are strained yet he embraces Akshay and sits with them. Raghbir says I didnt think about all of you the previous evening. Akshay’s mom asks where is your significant other? Raghbir says she is preparing. Lady says she should need to look prettier than your old spouse, whats her name? Raghbir attempts to control his outrage and says Pragati.

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