Bepanah Pyaar 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Oh No Harshit Kills Prashant

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

Harshit and Prashant have a vehicle pursuit. Harshit trusts Prashant won’t tell Pragati everything. Prashant calls Pragati while driving. She is caught up with perusing book and doesn’t pay regard to it. He calls her again yet futile. Prashant stops his vehicle and Harshit forgets about him. Harshit figures he will be in a difficult situation if Prashant is spared. Pragati thinks to call Prashant yet he calls her simultaneously.

He discloses to her that he knows who the hoodie fellow is. He is excessively keen. Perhaps he is taping your telephone as well. He requests that she meet him in someplace. He starts driving once more. Harshit sees his vehicle. Prashant takes a stab at taking a U-turn yet his vehicle stops. Harshit hits his vehicle. Prashant’s vehicle turns over.

Pragati feels something isn’t right with Prashant. Expectation he is fine. Harshit checks Prashant’s heartbeat. I can’t change it. I need to ensure he is dead. He hurls a murmur of help after finding no heartbeat. He chuckles evilly. I cut Pragati’s correct hand too. Harshit drives away. Individuals hurry to help Prashant.

Bepanah Pyaar 23 September 2019

Pragati is hanging tight at the said spot for Prashant. She can’t contact him too. I trust he is fine. She gets a call from Badi Ma who gets some information about her whereabouts. Badi Ma is worried about her. Return asap. Pragati concurs. Pragati calls Prashant once more. I trust he is fine. If it’s not too much trouble get my call. She heads home.

Pragati arrives at home and guarantees Badi Ma she is fine. Badi Ma reproves her for not taking as much time as is needed. Pragati says sorry to learn however Badi Ma advises her to apologize to Raghbir. He has gone for his gathering.

Pragati thinks about whether his vanishing is identified with Prashant’s vanishing. She gets a call and is stunned. Badi Ma gets some information about the mishap. She doesn’t take Prashant’s name and concocts a story. She leaves to see Prashant. Badi Ma is grasping the medication. What would it be a good idea for me to reveal to Raghbir now?

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