Bepanah Pyaar 20 June 2019 Written Update – Raghbir is waiting for Bani

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Akshay’s family goes to Devraj’s home. They talk. Akshay says I will join my dad’s matter of fact. Priya is strained. Akshay’s dad gets some information about Raghbir yet Devraj says he isn’t feeling admirably. Raghbir enlivened little house for Bani and says I need to go down the stairs for Bani, I need to amaze her for her birthday. Harshit attempts to stop him yet he doesn’t tune in.

Bepanah Pyaar 20 June 2019

Pragati says you don’t need to go down. He says no its Bani’s birthday, he leaves. Harshit attempts to stop Raghbir yet he comes to relax, all visitors are gone from that point. Raghbir comes in lobby and request that everybody beautify, he says Bani will come at 12 am, he asks Nakul to work quick.

Akshay’s folks are glancing around in the house with family. Aditi says gives up from posterior, they hear some commotion and says we should check. They all come in parlor to see Raghbir there. Raghbir says to family that today is Bani’s birthday so I have made this house for her.

Akshay’s mom says Bani is dead. Raghbir blows up hearing that. He yells that how could you say that Bani is dead, he attempts to assault them yet Harshit push him. Akshay and family leaves. Chacha says now you are upbeat? They all leave. Harshit says stop this non-sense about Bani, she is dead. Raghbir shouts at him.

Raghbir arrives at his room however Harshit prevents him from drinking. Harshit says you are devastating your life, what has befallen him? Raghbir says you need me to pursue your requests like a monkey? Harshit says you need a will to turn out to be fine.

Raghbir says you individuals dont ask me what I need, all of you choose what is beneficial for me, I wedded Bani and adored her, I dont need to be ordinary. Aditi comes there and says why they are making commotion? Raghbir chuckles and says rest. Aditi leaves.

Specialist says to Pragati that Raghbir is scanning for Bani all over the place yet in the event that he discovers Bani infront of him, at that point he will quit looking and will concentrate on present, along these lines we will most likely treat him, would you say you are prepared to move toward becoming Bani? She reviews Beeji’s words that their affection was exceptional. She says yes.

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