Bepanah Pyaar 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Priya Gets Engaged to Guy

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Raghbir is drinking and reviews that Bani felt since they were going to miss pooja, he said that we will go to next pooja, flashback closes. Raghbir says I wish I had tuned in to her and didnt go. She needed to give me amazement. Pragati opens the box and finds a doll inside. Note says ‘See you soon father’. Pragati says goodness my God.. Bani was pregnant and Raghbir didnt think about it.

Bani needed me to know this, something occurred. She glimpses inside sack and says there is nothing else. In morning, all are preparing for Priya’s commitment. Raghbir comes there and says Bani left me today yet no one wants to think about it, you individuals picked this day to praise, he attempts to hop from gallery yet Harshit stops him. Raghbir says you individuals cannot have one bloom for Bani however can have these numerous blossoms for festivities? Harshit says proceed onward, we didn’t overlook it.

Bepanah Pyaar 2 July 2019

Raghbir says nothing incorrectly will happen today. Pragati gets some information about Raghbir. Harshit says I didnt see him, today is Priya’s commitment so please attempt to quiet him. Raghbir is in the washroom and attempted to slaughter himself. Bulaya plays. Pragati is glancing around for Raghbir. Raghbir says I couldn’t do anything for my family, its better on the off chance that I leave them and go to my Bani.

He takes live current wire and tosses it in bath. He says I am coming to Bani. All kin bother Priya yet she isn’t content with commitment. Pragati is glancing around for Raghbir. She goes to his room and thumps on washroom. She says open it. Raghbir opens it. Pragati says they are hanging tight for you, commitment is going to begin. Raghbir says my family shouldn’t pause, I need to go. Pragati says where are you going? Raghbir says simply proceed to reveal to them I am going, advise Priya to stay upbeat.

Bepanah Pyaar 2 July 2019

Pragati says when will you rebound? Raghbir says simply reveal to them that I need to go, guide them to not stop commitment as a result of me and request that they stay upbeat, you proceed to carry on with your life as well. He closes entryway all over. She is befuddled. Commitment service begins. Family respects the man of the hour’s family. Pragati comes ground floor and reviews Raghbir’s words. She attempts to call Harshit however all are occupied in festivities.

Raghbir says to himself that Bani I am coming, I guaranteed to be with you generally and I am satisfying my guarantee. He puts Bani’s photos in the tub and reviews his minutes with her. Pragati keeps running back and thumps on his entryway, she requests that he open the entryway.

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