Bepanah Pyaar 17 June 2019 Written Update – Raghbir don’t Accept this Marriage

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 17 June 2019 Written Update on

Pragati’s dad yells at Pragati that you got hitched to your manager? Pragati says nothing occurred, he cries and says I generally requested that you fend off work from life, why you stressed over his life? give him a chance to do what he needs. Pragati cries. He says you wedded your supervisor, no one will comprehend you didn’t need to wed him, all will call you a gold digger, they will all insult me, he hacks and tumbles down. Pragati gives him water and cries. She leaves from that point.

Family discloses to Raghbir that he is hitched. Raghbir says she left from here. Devraj says you did all customs. Raghbir says am I some baggage that everybody needs to remove me? I adore a lady and you have a ton of fun of me, I cherished Bani however you individuals continue carrying young ladies for me to wed, quit ridiculing my affection, I needed to kick the bucket yet you individuals simply need me to wed? that is the reason I adored Bani in light of the fact that no one cherishes me here. He leaves from that point.

Bepanah Pyaar 17 June 2019

Raghbir comes to his room and sings kiya hua tera waada. He envisions Bani grinning at him. Does she say you left your better half? Raghbir embraces her and says I missed you. Pragati says sir what’s going on with you? He sees that its Pragati. Pragati says I cannot return home at this point. Raghbir says no and rests. Nakul tells the family that Pragati is in Raghbir’s room. Raghbir’s mother Aditi says I won’t save that gold digger young lady. Raghbi is mumbling Bani and embraces her photograph. Pragati sits alongside him and removes his shoes as he rests. She wipes his face and takes care of his bed. Pragati says I never figured my first hitched night would resemble and the one I wedded would another person to such an extent.

Bepanah Pyaar 17 June 2019

Prashant sees updates on Pragati wedding Raghbir. Sanket says what is this? Prashant says Sukaniya didn’t let anybody know why she was wedding Raghbir, Pragati got captured in this. Sukaniya needed to know something from Raghbir that is the reason she was wedding Raghbir, it’s said that Bani’s voices are as yet heard in that house, Sukaniya needed to know the truth about Bani’s spirit, the game is changed now, awful will look great and great would look awful at this point.

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