Bepanah Pyaar 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Baani pushes her away

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode starts, Pragati says I am grieved. I committed an error. He says I committed an error that I won’t have the option to amend even in all my years. I dint think individuals turn daze in adoration however I turned visually impaired! I couldn’t understand how wrong you are! She legitimizes his position. He asks her what it is in the event that he is correct.

You could have let me know whether you dint trust me. For what reason did you do this? What have I done to you that you were playing with my sentiments? I was longing for going through my time on earth with you while you were intending to kill me gradually! He doesn’t let her discussion when she attempts to clarify. Stop this show. She demands him to hear her once.

He asks her for what reason she did this. For what reason did you think I attempted to slaughter you? What did I need? I thoroughly took care of you and gave you everything. Will I execute the one I cherished the most? You wedded me stealthily and professed to be the perfect DIL! You professed to be an apparition. You have played a stunning game with me! You were the torment and attempted to be my prescription as well.

You assumed a twofold job. You were attempting to isolate me from Baani when you yourself were Baani! I didn’t go through a moment or second without taking your name! I have kicked the bucket each second for you. I continued cherishing you, considering you and kicked the bucket each second! You attempted to restore a dead individual and after that murdered me once more.

Bepanah Pyaar 15 October 2019

I wasn’t anxious about death however you have done most exceedingly awful to me! You dint let me know even once that you are my Baani. You cherished me. I confided in you. You made me a human again so you could slaughter me once more? She denies. I am your Baani. For what reason would I do that? He says I continued taking your name each second yet you dint reveal to me your fact even once. I wonder how you could even believe that I could murder you!

He applauds tragically. This is my genuine romance! I couldn’t discover that my supposed love is a cheat. It is you who have murdered me, my trust and my adoration! I needed to be with you even after my demise. I needed to adore you in any event, when I am dead yet you are close to me even subsequent to being alive. You needed to murder me! She is sorry for him. I committed an error. He says I committed an error by cherishing a similar individual twice in my life.

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